Meet My Green Turtle

My husband loves Thanksgiving, and I adore him for that. I however, LOVE Halloween! I like it more as an adult than I probably ever did as a child. It's a night when you can be creative and silly, spooky or humorous. It's fun for the whole family. It's also one of the only nights of the year that even the most down trodden couch potato is out walking around!

What makes it so fun? Well, the decorations are great, but for me it's the costumes! We have been having a ball dressing up our son and we found some really neat costumes at Fright Catalog. What we settled on this year, since Finding Nemo seems to be a favorite in our household was a Green Turtle...Duuuude!

Here is the packaging, made by "Underwraps" company and shipped to us from Fright Catalog.

Fright Catalog has a great selection of infant and toddler costumes--check it out! There are 13 days left to shop until the ghouls and the gremlins are expected out for Halloween!

We got the 2T-4T size (2.5 year old kiddo, normally wears a 2T) and it fits perfectly. Now, this is something to consider if you have an average sized 3 or 4 year old; go to the next size if you need to layer for cold weather.

  • We really love that the hands and head are separate and that there are little boot stirrups at the end of the legs, to help hold the costume in place.

  • We didn't love this costume's giant shell for the car seat--it's ADORABLE, don't get me wrong, but it's NOT a costume for travel.

So, if there were a detachable shell, it would make this costume ROCK. The material was super soft and moved and breathed really well, key points for keeping a toddler IN the costume. The headpiece acts like a thin hat, so even if it's cold or windy, the kiddos' ears stay protected! It would also be neat if the shell had some reflective tape or surfaces for visibility. Those are the only aspects we'd change or improve on this costume. It's a great kids' costume and would be paired well with Nemo and Dori costumes (though this turtle is NOT Disney branded, it's a close match to "Dude Crush."

**I received a complimentary costume for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated in any other way. My opinions are 100% my own and are honest.**


  1. What an adorable costume!! I'm sure he'll have a great Halloween :)

  2. Oh I absolutely love this! He is too cute!

    Prototype Mama