's an Adventure, right?

My husband is taking a four-month promotional opportunity to cover for a position that is currently vacant within his company. That means, we'll be traveling a lot between our home and our temporary dwelling for four months. Thankfully, they are only are two hours apart... BUT....

It has me researching, since the position IS open, we could take a job there if we like it. It's nice to "test the waters" as I know a lot of people that move around do it blindly and hope for the best. The community education courses are about a half dozen, few apply to me. I come from an area with a 40 page pamphlet of choices for all ages + lots of Early Childhood Family Education courses and library programing for kiddos. We have been very blessed in the community involvement of the area.

On the other hand, there are more choices for sports and extracurriculars and I think a better overall school system where we are headed. Less violent crime but more sex offenders... There are trade offs and I am a list maker, so I've been looking into so many facets of a move, hoping to find what will fit for us.

The point have YOU known what to do? Have you moved a lot? What do you consider? Do you jump in with both feet or constantly second guess?


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