The One with the Parenting Fail

Well, not a total fail, but I had some serious mom guilt going on during my FAVORITE (silly to even say that word here, since I just love holidays and festivities in general!) but anyway, it's one of the best times of the year and I started big and then blew it.

Case Study #1

Halloween Festivities at the Zoo

The first 'real' event for Halloween that our kiddo has gone to, other than community center parties, that is. I took plenty of pictures, sure, but none of them were even mediocre quality. Worse, I would have a tiger coming into the shot, get impatient or worried that if I didn't take the photo RIGHT THEN, that I would miss it. So I'd take photo after bad photo. Then, my already hard to photograph child would be sick of posing after about 3-5 takes. So, in reviewing our wonderful family outing, we have no real quality photos to commemorate. Thankfully, we do have the memories that we made.

Case Study #2

Halloween at ECFE Class

We are one of the lucky places in the world that have a TON of early childhood programming, and we love our little group of about a dozen moms and kiddos that we meet with each week. Well, we had missed two sessions in a row due to illness and doctors' visits. I was determined to make it. We also live 25 miles away from the school. I remembered that it was the last class before Halloween, but last year, my son was the ONLY kiddo that dressed up. Well, this year, he was the only kiddo that DID NOT dress up. He didn't seem to notice but it broke my heart. In two. Crushed. I felt like such a bad mom for not remembering before we were 15 miles into our trip and only just on time. If we turned around, we'd miss most of class. To make matters worse and really rub salt in good, after class we loaded up and I opened the hatch of the car to put a few things away and saw a spotted shell poking out...we had the costume all along, from the Zoo excursion. Then, as I moved things around, I saw we had not only ONE costume, but the other costume as well. Epic fail. 

So, with today being the ACTUAL Halloween day, and considering the events leading up to All Hallow's Eve, I am really hoping to knock it out of the park. Step it up, mom! We are planning to trick-or-treat in a new community and we've been researching the local activities. I hope to report good things, but this year is really getting ghoulishly hard to hack. Wish me luck with the last attempt at being Supermom--the one day of the year when you REALLY can be!


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