Wisconscents Candles

Now, I know what you're all thinking...What do candles have to do with hunting? (Other than maybe sprucing up the house when all the smelly gear and clothing come home after the season is through...) BUT, I have found not only a company that makes soy candles, but one that will appeal to men and women alike AND it's also owned, operated and dreamed up by a man! So, fellas, this isn't just for the ladies...it's a whole new ball err...jar of wax!!

Adventures of Mommyhood

Cory, the man behind the candles of WisconScents took a few moments to answer some burning questions that I had for him... (Sorry folks, these candle puns are just too tempting!)

What led you to the candle-making business? 

"Ever since I was a kid I have been into art and creating things. Several years ago I saw a story about a person who made candles and that just started churning the wheels so to speak. I began doing some research, started experimenting, and realized I had some pretty unique ideas for scented candles, thus, WisconScents was born."

What is your favorite scent?

"I've been asked this question many times. I always think I like one more than another, but when I make a new one or light one at home I realize that I truly like them all. Though, the scent of Cottage really brings back some great memories of being up north with my Dad."

How do you come up with your unique scents?

"I try to match my scents to memories, hobbies (camping, hunting, etc..), and different things that Wisconsin is famous for such as Buttered Sweet Corn and Brewery. I have great ideas for new scents too; just keep following us to see whats next!"

What is the process like, finding the perfect combinations of smells to create your intended scent, like Buck Lure?

"The process of finding the perfect scent can be difficult at times. I do a ton of searching and try to put together scents that will work well together. Sometimes this process can lead to a whole other scent that I was not intending in the first place, so trial and error and pure luck play a big part in creating these candles."

All of that said, I got to try four scents from Cory's creative collection and I can honestly say that when I'm in the market for a candle (or in need of a gift) I will be turning to WisconScents. I am just so excited to see how the other names match up with the actual scents. They were all spot on for me, but it's interesting because as Cory said in my Q&A, he's modeled the scents after memories and traditions. 

So...that has me wondering...what will Deer Camp invoke in you? What does your Food Plot aroma paint for your minds' eye? I love that each candles' ingredients are a melting pot of memories that are as unique and individual for each person as the candles themselves are. Now Deer Camp for example is definitely a bit spicy, which wouldn't sit well with my taste buds but is pleasing to my nose nonetheless. MY deer camp would smell more like chocolate chip cookies and biscuits and sausage gravy! BUT, I can definitely imagine something akin to Da Yoopers song lyrics, men sitting around in long johns eating chili and spinning yarns about the ones that got away that day... The inevitable deer season beards, early mornings, some libations and cigars. These are the things that deer season is made of. (At least that is the picture that is painted for me!)

Now rather than describe to you what each candle smells like to ME...here's your challenge, should you accept it: 

Get a candle! smell for yourself! You are also going to have a chance at winning signature "hunting themed" scents from WisconScents as part of my 2nd annual Hunting Hop prize package

These candles are awesome for several reasons, but some of my favorites are that 1) they are soy, 2) they are supporting small business America 3) they are from the Midwest 4) they are totally unique 5) they are made by a man! I just think all of those attributes make WisconScents a totally rad company and I am so happy to have stumbled upon the smelly seasonal goodness within the jars!

**Thanks to Cory at WisconScents for hooking me up with a mix of scents to try. All opinions are my own and I was compensated in no other way. Unless you count the hours of yummy smells emanating from my home and from our own deer camp this year!**


  1. Oh my gosh, a buttered sweet corn scent would be amazing! I don't think I ever encountered a scented candle of that variety- my husband would be drooling over that scent :)

  2. I live in Minnesota and am leaving tomorrow for Wisconsin! I love that this company is from the Midwest and a man makes the candles. I'd choose Forest scent because I like that smell...that's why I am going to Wisconsin, to see the trees.

  3. I'm from the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. These remind me of home now that I live out in Washington. I think the Brewery sent sounds super interesting.

  4. What a great product! This would be perfect for our cabin trips. Instead of bringing vanilla scented candles, my husband would these smells. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mmm, those candles sound like they'd smell delish! Would make a perfect Thanksgiving present for the family.

  6. LOVE the uniqueness of the scents! I am definitely interested in deer camp, I imagine the memories it would inspire of being with my grandparents. Thanks for the interesting interview!

  7. A candle company dreamed up by a man! I'm intrigued. :)

  8. Ok these are great! I have to get a couple of these for my boyfriend- and theyd be a hit at Christmas time. I saw "food plot" and laughed- but I so want to try it!

  9. These would make great holiday gifts! Thanks for sharing this info!

  10. I love anything made in USA!!! Im all for small business America : )