Yep, that makes a dozen! Recap + Recipe DIY

Well, we've been raising chickens. From little fuzzy chicks, through some mysterious deaths, into chicken adolescence and now into the ripe ol' egg-laying bonanza! Well done, family!

Here, though many are "pullets" is our first DOZEN eggs, sourced from OUR OWN chickens in our little BACKYARD coop. We've been making an EGG-stravaganza out of the collection lately, and I figured I'd do a little re-cap and share a favorite recipe with you all!

Those eggs turn into these Egg & Ham Muffin Cups

And they are SO good!

Our goal is to raise some pigs for next year, so the ham will be from our own farm too!

Here's where two nest boxes are, where we get about half the eggs. The ladder used to be attached to our boat for swimming. #Upcycle!

When they were fuzzy and new!

This white one is "Plain Jane" and...

"Fancy" turned out to be a boy! He's the one that rules the roost these days!

Way back in May....

Okay, now for the Recipe for the Egg & Ham Muffin Cups:

  • Grease or line cups in a cupcake pan
  • Preheat oven 350 degrees
  • Add one small dinner biscuit to the bottom of each of the cups, press to make a divet
  • fill with a pinch of cheese and sprinkle on some ham
  • pour in scrambled egg mix (eggs + milk + seasoning, beaten)
  • Bake about 25 mins or until eggs is cooked!



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