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Weensy Baby ~ Merry #FluffyXmas Spotlight

Photo of ornament from Weensy Baby Etsy shop:

Weensy Baby Etsy shop carries cloth diaper ornaments and keychain FOBs, as well as baby shoe keychains and wrist straps. You can find all of your fluffy and baby-related fun accessories at the shop! Make sure to "Favorite" the shop, so you'll always know what's new!

An ornament like this can be purchased or ordered at the Weensy Baby shop -- or head to Facebook to Like their page! Prices vary from about $6.00 - $15.00.

***I was sent a complimentary ornament for the spotlight. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own.***

Baby Bug Shop by Tracy Reynolds ~ Merry #FluffyXmas Sponsor Spotlight

Merry Fluffy Christmas, Everyone!

This shop, run by Tracy Reynolds and called very sweetly, "Baby Bug Shop" features handmade goods for moms and babies alike that will add a little panache to your everyday needs! Ring slings, training underwear for toddlers, and even children's clothing can be found right here! One stop shopping for your fluffy or fashionable purchases!

She has fun fabrics to do custom orders and one feature that I LOVE is the fact that there is a lot of 'upcycling' going on there! Skirts, hoodie dresses, underwear and headbands! All, saved from becoming waste and turned into something beautiful!

Some upcycled goodness like this can be found in the Baby Bug Shop or if you want, you can head on over to Facebook, where Tracy Reynolds Baby Bug can also be found!

The undies are great because they are roomy and they are like a graduation from trainers but for kids not yet ready for JUST undies. They have a little added protection with an extra layer of fabric sewn into the 'wet zone.' Seen in the photos below.
**All of the above photos EXCEPT the John Deere Undies were used courtesy of the Baby Bug Shop, the John Deere photos are my own**

Starting at 12 a.m. on 12/1, you can WIN a gift certificate to her shop as part of my Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Prize Package. You'll have to go to my Giveaway Announcement Page to enter, and then by all means, hop around to find more fluffy fun on the blogs listed in the Linky at the bottom of the page.
Good Luck!

***I was sent a complimentary pair of upcycled undies for the spotlight. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own.***

Diaper Dawgs ~ Merry #FluffyXmas Sponsor Spotlight

Merry Fluffy Christmas, Everyone!

No more reaching into a soiled diaper, or worse, a soiled diaper that has been soaking or cold after rinsing and left in your diaper pail overnight. No more cringing at the thought of what you COULD have on your hands when you're done with the laundry! Diaper Dawgs "a mom's best friend in cloth diapering." And they truly are. You could say that they are everyone's best friend in cloth diapering!
Photo from the Diaper Dawgs website.

You can choose from TWO different sets of colors. The little doggy heads slip right over your hands (think of making a 'duck shadow puppet' and then just pop them on! You can now separate, un-snap, pull out and maneuver any cloth diaper or insert without the worry of what will be lurking on your hands afterward. (They are also handy for any other job that you need some dexterity for and do not want to touch with your bare hands!)

Textured 'palettes' help the dawgs hold even the most slippery sodden inserts and diapers!

Added bonus: Sterilize when you've potty-trained the last fluffy bummed child to walk your household floors and then use them as a decorative cover for clothes-pinning artwork or other clamped odds and ends. They could also make a bath toy, I suppose after a thorough cleaning. I also like them for rinsing my Mama Cloth, since the cold water and thorough rinsing can make my hands quite uncomfortable after just a minute or two!

Just as we love other cloth diapering accessories and have considered them "lifesavers" and necessities, we put Diaper Dawgs on that list now.

Starting at 12 a.m. on 12/1, you can WIN a set of your choice in color Diaper Dawgs, as part of my Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Prize Package. You'll have to go to my Giveaway Announcement Page to enter, and then by all means, hop around to find more fluffy fun on the blogs listed in the Linky at the bottom of the page.
Good Luck!

Retailers of Diaper Dawgs can be found at the Diaper Dawgs Website -- keep up to date with all the goings-on from the Dawg Blog or by heading to Facebook to Like their page!

***I was sent a complimentary set of Diaper Dawgs for the review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own.***

Made Just for You by Lisa ~ Merry #FluffyXmas Sponsor Spotlight

Merry Fluffy Christmas, Everyone!

Isn't it nice to have a place to store your soiled diapers? Or, even before that, to have a place where you can put clean diapers all together before you travel? I LOVE wetbags for many uses. For a long time, we were seeing great prints on cloth diapers readily available, but solid colors only for the wetbags. Well, this is the end of boring wetbags. Made Just For You By Lisa is a great Etsy shop that has some awesome prints to choose from with great quality to boot!

This wetbag had me at hello. I was so drawn to all the mustache mania. Mustaches and facial hair in general is a bit trendy right now (thank you Duck Dynasty) but I've always been a silly 'stache kind of gal. I love handlebar mustache coffee cups and I've also always been a bit impressed by the Monopoly man! Monacles aside, mustaches are super rad. Naturally, I'd gravitate toward that print.

The print drew me in, but the quality and great size of the bag is what kept me impressed. The PUL is heavy-duty, so I'm not worried about overstuffing that sucker. I can fit 8-10 diapers in the bag easily (if you don't need it to lay flat for space purposes.) I can also fit my family of three's entire swimming ensembles. That would include a swim diaper + 2T trunks and rashguard, my adult rashguard and shorts, and my husbands swim trunks. It's awesome for pool clothes, diapers, and even accommodates things like detergent or RLR. If you are really looking to be thorough, throw a laundry ball or two into the bag as well, so when you get to your destination, you will be doing some green washing and drying (if you're not hanging and sunning, that is!)

How It All Shakes Out
Size: 5
Durability: 5
Functionality: 5
Affordability: 5
Quality: 5
When All Is Said And Done: 5.0

Starting at 12 a.m. on 12/1, you can WIN a small (10x10) wetbag, Made Just for You by Lisa, as part of my Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Prize Package. There are many great prints to choose from! You'll have to go to my Giveaway Announcement Page to enter, and then by all means, hop around to find more fluffy fun on the blogs listed in the Linky at the bottom of the page.
Good Luck!

A wetbag like this can be purchased or ordered at the Made Just for You by Lisa Etsy Shop -- keep up to date with all the goings-on at Made Just for You by Lisa by heading to Facebook to Like her page!

***I was sent a complimentary wetbag for the review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own.***

Mudshrimps Sponsor Spotlight ~ Merry #FluffyXmas

Merry Fluffy Christmas Everyone!

We have had a great deal of success with potty training and we are happy to say that with the exception on really LONG road trips (inadequate planning for stops on our part), naptime, and night time, we are totally trained!

A good way to move from cloth diapers to cloth trainers to fun handmade cloth undies like these from Mudshrimps is with incentive!! Not only does the style help entice our son to wear the undies, but since they are special big boy undies, he is less likely to have an accident. They also fit well under pajamas or clothes, just like the ones you find at and of the 'Marts...but they're way cuter. They are great for the smaller leaks that nearly-trained kiddos have. They will not do much for a full-out accident, but few things other than diapers will!

Here is a photo from the Mudshrimps Facebook page that shows what the new trainers look like. They are quite similar to undies--it's only one layer, so there is little added protection. Mudshrimps also make a trainer with layers of absorbency (two layers of bamboo fleece + one layer of PUL), similar to the undies but WITH protection! They seem just a touch thicker cotton than your average big-box store undies. They are slim so they fit well under clothes, but they do give just a little bit of a barrier for more confidence!

Undies like these make it possible for kids to feel like they've earned their big boy (or girl) duds. They are easy up and down, so kiddos do not need help for the times when they have to go NOW! It will give YOU peace of mind that you won't have chemical-ridden pull up style disposables irritating your childs' skin and clogging up the landfills of the world! Plus, you're supporting a small business owner instead of a mass-produced, commercial industry. Win-win!

How It All Shakes Out
Daytime: 5
Night-time: 5 (if night time trained)
User-friendliness: 5
Affordability: 5
Quality: 4
When All Is Said And Done: 4.8

Starting at 12 a.m. on 12/1, you can WIN a gift certificate to use on anything at the Mudshrimps website as part of my Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Prize Package you can get your own trainer or undies or other fun Mudshrimps fluff! There are many great prints to choose from! Customs too! You'll have to go to my Giveaway Announcement Page to enter, and then by all means, hop around to find more fluffy fun on the blogs listed in the Linky at the bottom of the page.
Good Luck!

Trainers like these can be purchased or ordered at the Mudshrimps Hyenacart store -- keep up to date with all the goings-on at Mudshrimps by heading to Facebook to Like their page!

***I was sent a complimentary pair of training pants for the review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own.***

Turtle Soup Company ~ Merry #FluffyXmas Spotlight

Merry Fluffy Christmas, Everyone!

The adventure of cloth diapering continues when you enter the potty learning stage -- and it's really quite fun and still plenty fluffy! We've found the cloth trainer to top all other trainers. It's a set really -- Wee Beginners paired with a Wee Woolie Cover! This is the ultimate in naptime and bedtime training and they just plain ROCK.

Want to know where they come from? Turtle Soup Company makes them and we are so happy to have found out about them! These are my son's favorite "big boy boxers" and they are MY favorite because they work so well. Now, realize these aren't diapers. They are training pants, so they have a lot of added protection for kids that are not fully wetting themselves most of the time. We still have accidents, especially at night, but during the day, he's usually good to go.

As you can see, it's quite a collection of wonderful trainers. We LOVED all the fun prints -- there are a TON of them and Cortney is REALLY great to work with. I told her the prints we liked, and she whipped up some amazing trainers for us! All very boyish and my son was actually incredibly excited to sport his new skivvies! I enjoyed the fact that Turtle Soup Co. has various "levels" of absorbency, so you can tailor your trainers to what your kiddo needs. This helps to eliminate the 'bulk' that could be unnecessary and could even be why your child hates his trainers! This happened to us with the bulkier "nighttime" trainers and finally we realized we need to be searching for learning underwear rather than diaper-style trainers.

My son who is 2.5 years old and about 34 lbs fit into the 2T-3T size perfectly, with a little room for growth. They also make a 'slim jim' option in that size, for the beanpoles out there! He also wears a size 2T-3T in clothing, so I'd say that Turtle Soup Co. sizes are VERY TRUE to the standard USA sizes for most clothing.

The Wee Beginner Boxer Brief Trainer has a functional (and cute sounding) "double Puddle Pad" soaker, a double layered bottom and a quadruple layer front. The leg and waist holes are non-elastic and very wide with allows for maximum range of motion AND great comfort. I really wouldn't know firsthand, but they look comfortable when my son runs around in them! They retail for just $12.00 on the Turtle Soup Co. website, you can purchase a pair or more by visiting the site today.

We really love the cool designs. We adore the quality. And the price is right as well.

The Wee Woolie Boxer Briefs are another great design and wonderful for the night-time accident prevention. Again, please do not expect that if your child has a full-on accident that this will contain it, like a diaper would, but for those leaks, near-misses and dry nights--these are your go-to training option. Wool is a wonderful diapering option and we loved using wool covers and longies when we were diapering a year or more ago, but now we love wool for that added layer of protection (and warmth for winter!) The wool is super soft and the size was true (we got Medium) which is 2T-3T and is also pretty standard fit. They also have a woolie soaker that you can add for extra protection. The woolie cover retails for $24.00 on the Turtle Soup Co. website.

This set totally rocks. If I were to purchase something exclusively, like if I only had ONE choice in training pants, these would be what I'd go for I think. They just absolutely make things so easy. Rad. Love them. My son loves them. They are easy to wash and they wear extremely well. The attention to detail (like the trimmed) front access area on the trainers make them extra adorable.

Starting on 12/1, you can WIN ONE OF TWO gift certificates to use on anything at the Turtle Soup Co. website as part of my Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Prize Package and you can get your own Wee Woolie goodness, trainers, clothing or other fluff! You'll have to go to my Giveaway Announcement Page to enter, and then by all means, hop around to find more fluffy fun on the blogs listed in the linky at the bottom of the page. Good Luck!

To keep up to date with all the goings-on at Lalabye Baby by heading to Facebook to Like their page! There are so many cute patterns and designs!

***Disclosure: I was sent a Woolie set to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.***

Lalabye Baby Spotlight

Merry Fluffy Christmas everyone!

I'd like to share with you a very fun one-size diaper (2.0 -- this means there is a snap on the back of the diaper, for the insert, it can be used as an AI2) that is in a print called "Home Tweet Home." This is one of the most unique diaper PUL prints that I'm come across and being a bird nerd, I fell in love. It is covered in birdhouses, tweety birds and tree branches. It's adorable and I'd put it on a boy or girl!

I have been really successful in potty training efforts of our toddler (about 34 lbs. for your reference) but at night we still need help. Most nights he'll make it dry, but if I've forgotten to make sure that he's peed before bed, or if we are sleeping in a bed that is not our own (hotels, family and friends) I try to use a diaper or trainer to make sure we don't have any accidents. This diaper is a perfect way to make sure that those little leaks or giant accidents don't turn into a mountain of laundry for me!

Having a few years under my belt with cloth diapers I can say that this diaper would work great for most of your cloth diapering adventures. I wouldn't recommend one-size for newborns, but I can say that it is a pretty standard one-size diaper, and that it will fit a range of babies. Our toddler is on the very end of fitting, but it is still not uncomfortable for him to wear.

The inside is suede cloth, which is a BREEZE to rinse and wash but can hold onto stains, so make sure to take care of anything that looks particularly tricky right away. Sunning is a great remedy for suede cloth (and most all cloth diapers) but a thorough rinse of the offensive material from the inner of the diaper will save you time and appearance of suede cloth.

The outside is PUL. The diaper comes with TWO inserts that are bamboo. I love the natural fiber and trust it on my son's skin. The diaper is an envelope style pocket, so it helps to keep the insert in place and also allows for a snap-in insert.

I thought that the suede cloth of the envelope on the back end of the diaper was not quite long enough to be awesome for staying put. You can see that illustrated in the photo collage above, where my finger is tucked into the backside of the envelope as far as it goes. It's about 1/2" or so of fabric, maybe a little less. I LOVED the different colored snaps and rows of risers in the front. The diaper is adequate to 35 lbs, so like I said, we are on the very end of that, but it still fits well enough to keep nighttime troubles away.

I also REALLY LOVED that there were snaps on BOTH ends of the envelope pocket (on the inside.) I've encountered several that have back side snaps, but not front and back. It really allows the insert to stay put. You get a regular and a snap on small bamboo insert, so really you are getting several layers of protection in addition to the PUL.

How It All Shakes Out
Daytime: N/A (I think since it held up at night it would be just fine for daytime though!) 
Night-time: 4
User-friendliness: 5
Affordability: 5
Quality: 4
When All Is Said And Done: 4.5

Starting on 12/1, you can WIN a gift certificate to use on anything at the Lalabye Baby website as part of my Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Prize Package and you can get your own Home Tweet Home or other fun Lalabye Baby fluff! You'll have to go to my Giveaway Announcement Page to enter, and then by all means, hop around to find more fluffy fun on the blogs listed in the linky at the bottom of the page. Good Luck!

This diaper retails for $17.95 at the Lalabye Baby Store -- keep up to date with all the goings-on at Lalabye Baby by heading to Facebook to Like their page! There are so many cute patterns and designs!

***Disclosure: I was sent a diaper to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.***

Orchards, Carrots, Hikes and Canning ~ Autumn is so very Sweet!

Cortlands! The perfect cider apple! We were in Bayfield, WI and just HAD to stop at a few orchards to see what all the fuss was about during Applefest. Turns out, it's SO MUCH FUN to pick apples, even in the chilly rain! 

We grew a fine crop of pumpkins this year, and I've been itching to harvest them in time for Halloween! We put them outside and guess what? Chickens LOVE them. So glad we took pictures! They were just your common variety, likely GMO from a lawn and garden store, but they were pretty good growers. We'd like to venture into heirlooms exploration more and more each year.

Have you ever climbed a fire tower in the Midwest in autumn? Not only is it usually a very fun hike to get there, it's another romp to get to the top! The wind was crazy when we got to the top and it was a blustery, cold rain type of day, so many of the pretty leaves were flying sideways, but the picture still seemed quite impressive, a sea of color. 

The carrots were GORGEOUS this year. Nothing makes a toddler boy happier than digging around in the garden to get these beauts and then spraying around with the hose to wash them clean! These are called Cosmic Purple Carrots, an heirloom variety that you can get from Baker Seed Co. Ours got a little sun burned, but we were largely gone all summer, so we didn't have (take) the time to re-mound after they grew!

As snow is falling and we are approaching the first day of winter, a look at fall and reviewing the fun we've had during the season of harvest makes it a bittersweet transition. Holiday Gift Guide

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At, the nation's largest dining deals site, we love surprising our diners with fun ways to save. This holiday season, we've handpicked delicious dining experiences and gift ideas for every budget and compiled them into an exclusive Holiday Gift Guide. Simply pair any Gift Card with one of these gift bundle ideas below for the ultimate dining experience and holiday treat:

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So here's the skinny on the giveaway for you all:

Sweepstakes Giveaway Details
Five (5) lucky Facebook fans will have a chance to win one of the gifts featured in our gift guide every Wednesday beginning November 20, 2013 and ending December 18, 2013

**This is a sponsored post. It does not change my opinions and I was not compensated in any other way.**

Cree and Scooter Hit the Slopes Book Review

Some of the most important things that I've held dear in life (especially as a parent) are early literacy and the importance of travel, no matter what your age. You might know, I am a Parent Ambassador for Cree and Scooter because these two ideals were perfectly married in the form of a great kids book! You can become a Parent Ambassador too, if it sounds like something you would enjoy or believe in, like I do, just click this link and you can sign up (it takes about 7 seconds) and join in the fun!

I am super excited to share with you a bit about Cree and Scooter Hit the Slopes! I really liked how the story incorporated themes that younger kids can understand (dreams, seat belts, explanations...) Children learn what a chameleon is, for example. Province is another wonderful new word that comes up, because this story takes place in British Columbia, Canada.

Adventures of Mommyhood

There are handy maps that are kid-friendly in the book, to better help children visualize where they are learning about. Language familiarity is another positive effect of this book, with a few simple words in French to get kids started thinking about other languages or just to make them aware that people speak different languages in different places, sometimes.

There are not too many words on each page and the pictures are simple but vivid and keep the details tied to the story well. I cannot wait for the next book in the series! This could also be a great story to help your child learn to love bedtime and dreams! There is a handy chart at the end, covering the English/French words and the pronunciation of each as well.

Although I think actual travel is important, whether abroad or just to a new spot a few miles down the road for a weekend getaway, I realize not everyone enjoys that sort of thing and perhaps cannot make travel fit into their lives, for many reasons. So, BOOKS are a great way to bring other places alive for children (and parents, too!) If you may never actually SEE the Great Wall of China or the Great Barrier Reef, you most definitely can travel there in your imagination or in the pages of a book.

The author, Tammy Sutton-Brown is a WNBA veteran, for all of you basketball fans out there and is a world traveler who knows the importance of getting out there and exploring! You can keep the adventure going will all of the books that will be coming down the pike in the Cree and Scooter Adventure series!

I think that this is a great book for young explorers, both boys and girls. You can buy a Hard Cover book for your child to enjoy for $16.99. There is also an Amazon eBook available for $6.99 for those of you that prefer that platform.

You can follow Cree and Scooter's Adventures on Facebook and Twitter, too! 

**I received a complimentary PDF of this story to enjoy with my son and facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.**

It's coming.... Just around the corner!

Calling all fluffy fans and addicts!!

 Merry Fluffy Christmas starts in two weeks!! This is seriously the BIGGEST cloth diapering event of the season so make sure you come back to check out all of the amazing prizes on each of the 45 different participating blogs!!

Adventures of Mommyhood will have a fun package for those mamas that are nearing POTTY LEARNING!! I've found a great assortment of trainers, diapers great for nights and even some fun celebration items and accessories! My prize package is going to be unique --- cloth diaper training!! No Pull-Ups here! Teach them in a healthier, more eco-friendly way! (And it's way cuter too!) Come on back, Dec. 1 - 7 and enter to win!

This year, we have decided to do something a bit different and have two HUGE Grand Prize packages, on both of the host blogs, And Then There Were 5 and Mommy's Favorite Things! Here is the first peek at what will be offered during the event!


The Grand Prize Package on And Then There Were 5… contains amazing products from these incredible companies:
MFC $ MFT 1418176_10152065313135477_1868969930_n

The Grand Prize Package on Mommy's Favorite Things includes some more amazing brands and products as well:
  • KRaz Couture (Starter kit, Diaper of choice, wipes, lovey, wet bag and $15 certificate) $78
  • Imagine (fitted, cover and wet/dry bag) $47
  • Bummis (OS Cover, 6 prefolds and Biosoft liners) $40.95-$52.95
  • Rarpz (2 Boo! Nappies) $66
  • Gone Green Mama (2 Hybrid Fitteds of choice) $60-$70
  • Moraki (Frosty and Christmas Tree Diapers) $66
  • Fancy Cloth (Diaper, Bum Balm, Cloth Wipes) $50

Are you excited yet?!

Come back on December 1st to enter to win these amazing prizes and SO many more!
MFC button_sm

Nordic Naturals Gummy Worms Sponsor Spotlight #GreenHolidays

Nordic Naturals ... a Super Sponsor of the Very Green Christmas Giveaway and my Holiday Gift Guide!

Nordic Naturals is a trusted leader in supplemental health products these days! I was taking my daily Omega-3 gel tab when I thought I really need to look into the kids products that they offer! So, I jumped online and went to the Nordic Naturals website.

Like all parents, I also do a LOT of research before I put something into my kiddo's body. With Nordic Naturals, though I trusted the brand for ME, it was no exception, I still did my checking. I was REALLY impressed by what I found--not only for the kid's product line, but also just the company information in general. I liked what I saw! From sustainable measures to meeting (and exceeding) pharmaceutical standards, to the fun presentation and awesome purity levels. Top notch, all the way.

I was really interested in the stats regarding the fish oils, since, as some know biological magnification can lead to higher levels of heavy metals and other non-desirable elements in fish and other things we eat.

I was really pleased to be able to work with Nordic Naturals to review their Nordic Omega-3 Gummy Worms. My son loves the strawberry taste and I love that he gets some much-needed nutrients that are usually absent from his diet. IF we happen to get some salmon in him, all the better, but we definitely do not eat salmon on a daily basis, and there are few other areas for him to gain the brain-power that Omegas give us. They have a sugary-type coating over the worms and are very similar to the candy that is sold in stores in appearance but they pack a way bigger punch in health!

You can purchase a 'tub' of 30 Omega-3 Gummy Worms in the Strawberry flavor for $24.95 from the Nordic Naturals website. They have a wide variety of products directly intended for children, including Tangerine Gummy Fish and Omega-3 Gummies. The gummy fish are his second favorite "treat" but he has said that his 'worms' are his best treat! One fishie is a serving, same as the worm, but they come in Tutti Fruttie!**All these products are intended for children over the age of two.**

I also found enclosed, some samples of other Nordic Naturals products (and some fun swag--a great pen, some fun stickers for my son, and a nice little supplement tin) and I'm really diggin' their style! The stickers have these cute impish kiddos on them (the same look as some of the supplements.) Did you know, Nordic Naturals also makes an Omega supplement for your PETS?!? They're even looking out for your best furry friend it seems! I love it!

Experts have come up with a ton of reasons why we need these nutrients in our bodies on a regular basis. You can read all about the importance of Omega-3s here on the Nordic Naturals website. You will also have the chance to WIN some Nordic Naturals goodness of your own in the Very Green Christmas event! We are promoting #GreenHolidays in a blog hop that has goodies for the whole family! Good luck!

**I received samples and complimentary supplements to facilitate this review and familiarize with the brand. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own.**

Eco Down Alternative Pillow Giveaway

Eco Down Alternative Pillows made from Purified Recycled Water Bottles $69 Retail Giveaway

If you've ever been interested in finding alternatives that can replace your old, musty, synthetic pillows, now is the time to get serious! Here is a great idea for getting a little more eco-friendly while also improving your sleep equipment! Enter to win!

Hosted by: Easy Green Mama
Sponsored by:
Looking for a way to "Green" your bedding? We have the perfect giveaway for you! This Eco-friendly Eco Down Alternative Pillows from is made from purified recycle water bottles, it is hypoallergenic and safe for you and the environment!
Check out Easy Green Mama's Review Here.
This information is directly from website:

Description of Eco Down Alternative Pillows

A new "green" twist on down alternative fill – Recycled Water Bottles! Our new and unique Eco Down Alternative Pillows are soft and resilient with a feel similar to silk but without the expensive price tag. These unique pillows feature an organic cotton cover and are filled with purified fibers from recycled water bottles. This eco-friendly fill is resilient like down but is allergen-free, anti-microbial and resistant to dust mites. They are the most eco-friendly, green pillows available and are safe and healthy for the user and the environment. The Eco Down Alternative Pillows are a great vegan choice and are ideal for people who are allergic to down, wool or latex products. Available in Soft, Medium and Firm. Standard or King sized.
Eco Down Alternative Pillows are ideal for someone who...

  • Is allergic to down, wool and latex
  • Follows a vegan lifestyle
  • Wants a green product that is healthy for the user and environment
  • Wants a soft, scrunch-able pillow at an affordable price

Features of Eco Down Alternative Pillows

  • Eco-friendly down alternative fill made from purified recycled water bottles
  • 300 thread count organic cotton shell
  • Fill is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and resistant to dust mites and mildew
  • Ideal for those who are allergic to down, wool or latex
  • Feels similar to silk fill but is much more affordable
  • Resilient like down
  • Very Soft and scrunch-able, good for stomach and side sleepers
  • Consistent surface relieves pressure points for a comfortable sleep
  • Resists clumping
  • 100% vegan – no animal products
  • Safe for the environment and you
  • Standard or King sized
  • Soft, Medium or Firm
One Lucky Winner will receive a Eco Down Alternative Pillow - Standard Size a $69 value.
US Residents, 18 and up only.
One entrant per household.
All winning entries are verified.
Open to the US only. Ends 12/01/13 at 11:59 PM CST
Winner will be picked randomly through the Giveaway Tools entry form.

Disclosure: This blog and Easy Green Mama are not responsible for prize shipment, as this is a sponsored prize from We were not compensated in any way for promotion of this giveaway. Easy Green Mama received the above mentioned item, in exchange for an honest review. Our opinions are not influenced in any way. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social media are not affiliated with this giveaway. If you have any questions please contact the host of this giveaway at

Disney Live! DECC ~ Three Classic Fairytales

My family went to Disney Live at the DECC and it was definitely worth the drive to get there! We saw the show "Three Classic Fairy tales." The three fairy tales were Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Beauty and the Beast. All were exceptional. My son loved the show! There were definitely more girls in the audience than boys, but I know all the little boys enjoyed it just as much as the girlies! 

Taken from the Main Floor seating. Note rows of heads, but decent view!

We were seated in Section C Row 27 of the Main Floor. It was GREAT in some ways, because we were toward the back by the production folks, so the speakers weren't too loud and we had no one directly in front of us, which helps with wiggly kiddos. It was not as great because everyone walked back and forth in front of you for potty breaks and such, plus you had over two dozen rows of people in front of you, with kids standing on their chairs, making it hard for the kids in the back to see. We also had a sneezy, coughing young kiddo behind us that kept smacking us with his glow sword--you'll have that occasionally!

Photo taken from balcony seating. 

I got really lucky and three folks that were in the front, like literally front row, said it was too loud and gave us their seats. So, after one fairy tale, we were able to move and see what it was like in the front. The truth? It was LOUD. But, ever prepared, my husband had two sets of ear plugs in his pocket. (We usually bring kids earmuffs for our son to concerts, parades, etc.) So, we were able to tolerate being three feet in front of a giant sub woofer. It was neat to see detail in the costumes and facial expressions of the performers, as well as the talent and energy in the choreography.

And here is what a front row photo looks like! Really neat!

I also climbed up to the balcony seats for perspective, just to scope out the differences at this venue. Balcony staggered stadium seating removes the not being able to see over the people in front of you problem for most kids. It is also warmer than the main floor, because this venue is an ice hockey arena.

We had a REALLY great time. The tales were short (about 20 minutes each + an intermission) so it was easy to keep little kiddos attention. I'd say the optimal age demographic for this show would be about three to five year old kids, but if you have a real Disney lover in the family, even up to ten or twelve year old kids might enjoy this fun live performance. 

Perhaps the ONLY negative experience we had at this show was a Cotton Candy vendor that came by us and our toddler, being a toddler expressed interest in what he was peddling. So, in a very low maneuver, the vendor handed our son a bag, as we were declining the item---so, thereby sealing his sale even though it completed undermined what we had said. We did end up buying the $12.00 Cotton Candy (with a Mickey-ear Crown attached) but we were plenty pissed that the vendor had the audacity to give our child something we had declined. 

Not wanting to ruin the night for our son, we caved, but normally we would not allow that kind of sugar consumption period--especially not a giant bag of the stuff for that price. Other items included snow cones (inside keepsake sippy cups) for $10.00 and whirring glow wand things for a mere $22.00. Yikes! 

Bathrooms at the DECC are super accessible and clean. The staff for the event were really on-the-ball and helpful. The performance was a bit loud, but I'd imagine in part that helps to keep the kiddos attention! It's the perfect length and as adults, we enjoyed it a lot, too!

- this is a loud show, bring ear plugs or some form of ear protection
- if you are Main Floor seats, dress in layers, it can be cool
- be prepared for roving vendors
- know where your seats are, they have several attendants at most venues to help you figure it out (nothing like being displaced in the middle of a show because of a mistake!)
- If you park next door at the Aquarium or the Playfront, you will avoid the $5.00 parking fee and end up walking the same distance as those who paid.
- pack a glow wand and a treat or two in your bag and you'll avoid the pesky vendors and the highway robbery!

**We received complimentary tickets to this show for the purpose of sharing and reviewing our experience. We were not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% our own and honest. We thought this performance rocked.**

Lay-N-Go Lite for Your Convenience!

Parents know the worst pain in the world--I'm not talking childbirth either, because at least then you get a wonderful little baby after! I'm talking about that stab of pain (usually in the foot) that sends you into a silent G-rated "cursing" fit, sometimes brings you to your needs in a loss of balance, and ultimately leaves you wishing there was a better way for your children to get their toys put away. Yes, we've all been there, stepping on Lego's, Barbie heels, or Matchbox cars. Somehow the sharpest, most camouflaged toys seem to be set out like the perfect trap for unsuspecting adult feet!

Presenting to you, the Lay-N-Go Lite, proudly part of my

You want to give your kiddo the benefit of the doubt, you know they do pretty good when it comes to clean up time, but it's hard to get those 1,000 piece puzzles and hundreds of Lego's back to where they are stored. Lay-N-Go may solve all of your toy storage solutions! Especially for those toys with many parts and pieces.

My favorite use so far has been a catch-all ditty bag. We've been traveling a lot and this is a great little pouch to put all of those last minute items that you think of on the way out the door. 

We have a lot of 'loose blocks' but too many to fit in a Lite. Honestly, most of my son's current toys are too numerous or too bulky to fit in a Lite. The larger Lay N Go would be better for toy storage, in my opinion. The exception: kits and sets. Littlest Pet Shops, Lego sets that are smaller, and other toys or games that have pieces you'd like to keep together would be great candidates for a Lay N Go Lite.

Win a BLUE Lay-N-Go Lite Here:

***Disclosure: I received a complimentary Lay N Go Lite for the purposes of completing this review. I was compensated in no other way. All opinions are my own.***

Live Beautifully Body ~ Sponsor Spotlight #GreenHolidays

I love finding out about greener, healthier products to take the place of some of the ickier chemicals and compounds that litter our lives today. One element that I've been working hard to rid us of is Aluminum. Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease run in my family and it seems like it's been running rampant in general in today's society. I know studies have connected Aluminum, among other things. I'm no expert, but when I can take measures to be more natural, I do.

It's been a real treat to work with Live Beautifully Body, an Etsy shop that specializes in natural body care products. They sell lip balms, lip butters, lotion, deodorants, colognes and more. It really is a great resource for nearly all of your natural body product needs. I love the thought that Aaron & Nicole put into everything from the names of the scents (they are spot on) and the photos of their products. They disclose on the products what is in said product (which is AWESOME and RARE in this day and age!) Check out the Live Beautifully Body blog for the latest buzz!

The packaging is minimal, but beautiful all on its' own. It is all good quality (I loved that the solid cologne was wrapped in paper) and there are heavy card stock ingredient lists and information attached to each. The lip balm anthology comes packaged in a nice, dainty bag but would be suitable as a gift as-is. There isn't a gross amount of waste either.

Fresh Mountain Timber Mini Cologne

I love that this is not greasy. I put it on and it sort of just becomes part of me--the best smelling part of me! It's also a super convenient size--even the smallest clutch could fit this little guy, so just in case you start to get funky after a hike or before a dinner date, you can freshen up. This scent reminded me of what Paul Bunyan might wear for a hot date! It was pretty masculine, but I really like it for me AND my husband. The smell lasts a long time (like all day) and the container itself will last quite a while too, since just a smear works during each application! This was a SUPER awesome cologne.

Fruited Tea Flavors of Lip Balm - Raspberry Iced Tea, Peach Iced Tea, Blueberry Mint Tea

These were delicious (seriously, I wanted to eat the Blueberry Mint Tea!) They are light on the lips but do provide good protection from wind. I didn't see any UV protection, but with a natural balm, you can't ask for it all. I loved the scents and the fact that you can get Anthologies, so they make a FANTASTIC green gift or stocking stuffer! I do wish the mint would make your lips tingle just a bit, but these are definitely some of my new favorites to have around! The tea collection was fruity, which I love but they also have some yummy sounding decadent dessert ensembles!

Cool Tropical Citrus Natural Deodorant

Finding a natural deodorant was what started my quest and what led me to the Live Beautifully Body Etsy shop. As I said above, I'm trying to be proactive about my families' hereditary diseases. Anything I can do to get out of the path of those that even slightly within my control, I am actively trying to combat. Preventative maintenance, just like a car, right? This deo works supremely well (I'm a heavy sweater--like a pig, more than the guys at times!) So, for a deodorant to work for me, says a lot. I LOVE the smell, again, very fruity but also clean. Sort of reminiscent of pine + citrus but not an icky combo like Lemon-scented Pine Sol! I think it is pure genius to have a non-slip cover too--nothing is more frustrating than having your fingers slip off the top of the deodorant stick over and over...problem solved!

Dark Forest Rain Solid Cologne

This was completely new for me and initially I thought it was soap. This solid cologne is really NEAT. I had to read about it to 'figure it out' -- what I learned, I loved! The fact that it's natural is what appealed to me -- I LOVED wearing a scent but hated the chemical 'after-smell' and feel that I got from store-brand perfumes. So, for many years, I've just smelled like shower, deodorant, or worse yet...funk. Dirty hippy. So, this natural option really got me excited. And, what I read was that you apply it and basically your body crafts your own version of the cologne, based on biochemistry and interactions of the cologne with YOU! So, no two people will probably smell the same wearing the same scent. Neat, right?! I liked this scent a lot, it was more robust and rich than the other Fresh Mountain Timber cologne I tried. They both leave your skin with a soft, rejuvenated, creamy feel. And, I have to admit, smelling good does give me just a little more to feel better about each day! I was surprised to see 'chocolate' listed in the ingredients for this bar--crazy!

Overall, my experience with natural body products was mediocre until this shop breezed into my life. I used products like 'Burt's Bees' for a number of years, because it was really one of the only alternative options to the big box brand names and it seemed like the lesser of the two evils. Other natural products just didn't seem to WORK like they should. Nothing seemed to compare to the chemical-laden mainstream options. Now, I can actually say that I LOVE MY NATURAL BODY PRODUCTS! Live Beautifully Body NAILED IT! 

You seriously need to try these products for yourself. It's like a fun little foray into the world of being healthier! They carry SO MANY scent options and products in their shop--a great place to find all sorts of more healthy and green gifts for this holiday season!

I hope you will scope out the Live Beautifully Body Etsy shop and find something that you or someone you love will really enjoy. You can also find Live Beautifully Body on Facebook and Twitter.

Since it's the time of year to be giving, the owners of Live Beautifully Body are generously giving one lucky reader a $25 gift code to their shop to try some of this green goodness themselves! Enter my 'Very Green Christmas' giveaway HERE to win your choice of some of these amazing natural body products!