A trip to the movies!

Here comes another seemingly straightforward question that I just cannot decide concretely on ONE answer. So, bear with me as I digress and segue and go off on a tangent...

Of course, the first thing I automatically jump to, when thinking about movies to be stuck in is SOMETHING FROM THE 80s!!! So ultimately that leads me to either The Great Outdoors OR Christmas Vacation. I'd LOVE to be stuck with John Candy OR Chevy Chase for five days, they are two of my favorite actors and movies of all time.

This leads me to other favorites like Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau -- also great, also both gone, so being in Grumpy or Grumpier Old Men would be another place that isn't so bad. Since I am dwelling on deceased faves, I have to think that I'd also like to spend a five day stint in Black Sheep or Tommy Boy with Chris Farley. 

When I think of Chris Farley and John Candy, I think of Dan Aykroyd too, so sign me up for a week of Christmas with the Kranks. Because Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis are sweet too.

Now here's where it gets crazy....

Since I LOVE Christmas movies, I'd REALLY want to try on How the Grinch Stole Christmas -- the version with Jim Carrey. I'd want to be a Who. And since I really love Jim Carrey a LOT, I think I'd sign up for Dumb and Dumber and Yes Man as well. 

Since I hunt and gather, I'd like to test my grit in the Hunger Games, but I know it would just make me feel like a pansy, because I am a big baby about any kind of pain.

I have a ton of movies that simply would be better LIVED than WATCHED in my mind:

Couples Retreat
Tangled (yes, I'd LOVE to have all that hair!)
Free Willy might be fun

and last but certainly not least.....

ALL THE MARY KATE AND ASHLEY MOVIES!!! (Isn't that embarrassing?)

But yes, as an ADULT I still enjoy watching "To Grandmother's House We Go" and "It Takes Two." 


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