Action Baby Carriers Review

All of you who read regularly know I'm a total marsupial mom. I LOVE carrying my son with me. It's been harder and harder now that he's a big boy, but I've still found a few ways to tote him along. Action Baby Carrier is one of them. We chose the Toddler carrier and the Action Baby Jr. both in the "pinwheel" pattern.

The Jr. next to the Toddler carrier

This carrier provided some cool options that are hard to find in other SSC's that we've tried--like, the cross-back option for the straps when carrying your kiddo in the front, more conforming straps along the shoulder area, and a more "flexible" waistband (not quite as structured as some others.) I love all of these aspects. I also loved that the straps are longer--for long torso women ( CAN cinch them pretty tight for the more petite-framed folks though!)

This photo is from the Action Baby Carriers website and the are a slough of others letting you see INSIDE the carrier---it's a neat (albeit a little creepy seeing a kiddo in plastic!) view that you generally do not get. It's nice to know what's goin' on under the fabric, how your little one is sitting within the carrier and overall, just a look-see to better understand the ergonomics of the carrier. I like it!

This carrier is great for summer walks--it's NOT heavy material, so you won't be a swampy, sweaty mess after wearing your wee one. The fun designs are really awesome--I like prints vs. solids, and there are many of BOTH to choose from.


  • Love the "Jr." line so kiddos can match mom and dad
  • tons of options for color and pattern
  • great for toddler-wearing
  • comfortable and good quality
  • they offer a 'plus size' padded waist option that can fit waists 38" to around 63" -- great for dads and grandpas too! 
  • I like that this is not a corporate industry-style business, but more of a small, family run company AND made in the U.S.A!!!


  • Action Baby Junior is best suited for 3-4 yr olds. Though it FITS a toddler, it was REALLY hard getting my kiddo to stand still long enough to strap and buckle in his lovies. I adore that they have this option, but they might consider an EZ Jr. option that has like 2 buckles and is largely a "slip-on" type situation so kiddos can feel like mom and dad but not have to be hog-tied to get it on
  • It was a long process getting the carrier, but the customer service folks were cordial and relatively helpful

I would LOVE to see a waterproof/wet-ready version for swimming! We are a water-loving family and baby-wearing would have made teaching water aerobics classes with a kiddo in tow so much easier!

***Thank you to the folks at Action Baby Carriers for the complimentary carriers to facilitate this review.***


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