Disney Live! DECC ~ Three Classic Fairytales

My family went to Disney Live at the DECC and it was definitely worth the drive to get there! We saw the show "Three Classic Fairy tales." The three fairy tales were Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Beauty and the Beast. All were exceptional. My son loved the show! There were definitely more girls in the audience than boys, but I know all the little boys enjoyed it just as much as the girlies! 

Taken from the Main Floor seating. Note rows of heads, but decent view!

We were seated in Section C Row 27 of the Main Floor. It was GREAT in some ways, because we were toward the back by the production folks, so the speakers weren't too loud and we had no one directly in front of us, which helps with wiggly kiddos. It was not as great because everyone walked back and forth in front of you for potty breaks and such, plus you had over two dozen rows of people in front of you, with kids standing on their chairs, making it hard for the kids in the back to see. We also had a sneezy, coughing young kiddo behind us that kept smacking us with his glow sword--you'll have that occasionally!

Photo taken from balcony seating. 

I got really lucky and three folks that were in the front, like literally front row, said it was too loud and gave us their seats. So, after one fairy tale, we were able to move and see what it was like in the front. The truth? It was LOUD. But, ever prepared, my husband had two sets of ear plugs in his pocket. (We usually bring kids earmuffs for our son to concerts, parades, etc.) So, we were able to tolerate being three feet in front of a giant sub woofer. It was neat to see detail in the costumes and facial expressions of the performers, as well as the talent and energy in the choreography.

And here is what a front row photo looks like! Really neat!

I also climbed up to the balcony seats for perspective, just to scope out the differences at this venue. Balcony staggered stadium seating removes the not being able to see over the people in front of you problem for most kids. It is also warmer than the main floor, because this venue is an ice hockey arena.

We had a REALLY great time. The tales were short (about 20 minutes each + an intermission) so it was easy to keep little kiddos attention. I'd say the optimal age demographic for this show would be about three to five year old kids, but if you have a real Disney lover in the family, even up to ten or twelve year old kids might enjoy this fun live performance. 

Perhaps the ONLY negative experience we had at this show was a Cotton Candy vendor that came by us and our toddler, being a toddler expressed interest in what he was peddling. So, in a very low maneuver, the vendor handed our son a bag, as we were declining the item---so, thereby sealing his sale even though it completed undermined what we had said. We did end up buying the $12.00 Cotton Candy (with a Mickey-ear Crown attached) but we were plenty pissed that the vendor had the audacity to give our child something we had declined. 

Not wanting to ruin the night for our son, we caved, but normally we would not allow that kind of sugar consumption period--especially not a giant bag of the stuff for that price. Other items included snow cones (inside keepsake sippy cups) for $10.00 and whirring glow wand things for a mere $22.00. Yikes! 

Bathrooms at the DECC are super accessible and clean. The staff for the event were really on-the-ball and helpful. The performance was a bit loud, but I'd imagine in part that helps to keep the kiddos attention! It's the perfect length and as adults, we enjoyed it a lot, too!

- this is a loud show, bring ear plugs or some form of ear protection
- if you are Main Floor seats, dress in layers, it can be cool
- be prepared for roving vendors
- know where your seats are, they have several attendants at most venues to help you figure it out (nothing like being displaced in the middle of a show because of a mistake!)
- If you park next door at the Aquarium or the Playfront, you will avoid the $5.00 parking fee and end up walking the same distance as those who paid.
- pack a glow wand and a treat or two in your bag and you'll avoid the pesky vendors and the highway robbery!

**We received complimentary tickets to this show for the purpose of sharing and reviewing our experience. We were not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% our own and honest. We thought this performance rocked.**


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