If you give a mom a blog...

Tell us what you've learned so far about daily blogging. Well, I'm a scheduler and a stay-up-all-nighter. I cannot just sit down and write a simple post each day. No, I have 'shiny penny syndrome.' If you give a mom a blog, you have to give her a pot of coffee.

If you give her a pot of coffee, she'll stay online all night. Oooh! A new Facebook notification! Which leads to a news article. Then a video. Then an entire thread in a group of other mom bloggers. 

If she stays online all night, she finds more events and posts to commit to and write about. Then, I decide to check if I'm winning that sweater on Ebay. Oh, and since I'm in a bidding war, I had better check that little bank account that I maintain for secret shopping splurges! 

If she finds more events, she'll spend more time blogging. So, if you give a mom a blog, be prepared for that mom to be busy into the wee hours of the night. So what I've learned from daily blogging is that it is a cycle. A monster, ever rabid and ravenous for more of your time. 


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