It's All About Character - There simply cannot just be one!

Well, this isn't terribly interesting, and I do have a favorite, but I decided in order to do this right, I'd need to do what I LOVE doing, and that's making lists. Here it is, my Top 15 Favorite Characters of all time, leading up to the #1 spot. I loved thinking about this and I realize it's a long and personal read, but I feel like there are some influential "characters" here, no matter how far I have stretched the words' meaning. 

15. Merida - Brave. [Love the accent and the folklore and rich culture and lands that go into this whole tale. The girl has guts and you gotta love that.]

14. Sheridan Pickett. [The reason that I decided Falconry might be a neat hobby. Lots of fiesty attitude in the character and I love her cameos all the more for it! Thanks, C.J. Box!]

13. Lucille Ball - I Love Lucy [Another great REAL character, but she just kicks a whole bunch of booty and kept me awake long after my bedtime as a little girl. Teaching me that it's okay to have red hair and be a little clumsy!]

12. Sir David Attenburrough - Life of (Birds, Mammals, + more) I realized, just now, that most of my characters are women and are fictional. Our lives are surrounded by REAL characters and this dude is the best narrator on earth. I love ALL of his documentaries and he rocks the old-man charm. He's also been knighted. Yeah, wicked cool.]

11. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Rubeus Hagrid, and Luna Lovegood [Who can choose just one of them? I love all of the kiddos from Hogwarts! I'm a sucker for "Harry Potter Weekends" on the ABC Family Channel! My husband tolerates this quirk well.]

10. Kratt Bros. [Thank you, Chris and Martin, for drawing attention to some lesser known beasts and for some quality entertainment with some ninja education thrown in there. I appreciate Zooboomafoo and Wild Kratts, alike. You rock.] 

9. Jessie Arnold. [Ficticious dog musher that I fell in love with while in Alaska. Thanks, Sue Henry!]

8. Amelia Earhart - Night At the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian [As portrayed by Amy Adams. The best job adapting a heroine into a saucy comedic icon clad in leather and lambs-wool and the best supporting actress that I could have ever hoped for in a sequel to a great movie! Loved her in this! And, more importantly, I love that she was shining the spotlight on a REAL character!]

7. Loralei Gilmore - Gilmore Girls [I wanted to BE her for about a year. When the series was over, I was a little depressed. She had a great comedic character, but a very STRONG one as well. Great show for girls!]

6. Anna Pigeon.  [Yet another gnarly character from between the pages of some of my favorite novels, this gal is one that shows heart over and over. And lots of grit, too. The best part? Her humble human features that everyone can relate to.]

5. Mary Margarette O'Connell - Northern Exposure [The best bush pilot in the last frontier. Another series that ended before its' time, and this ex-model (real life) turned on-set backwoods ace (character) made it a timeless favorite.

4. Marin Frist - Men In Trees [I guess I have a 'thing' for shows that have ended. I loved this one and the crazy heart-on-her-sleeve antics of Marin Frist, the relationship speaker and author that ended up in small town Alaska. Her hunkalicious co-star "Jack" was also a good reason to love the show though!]

3. Charlotte A. Cavaticus - Charlotte's Web [The ironic part here is that I LOATHE spiders. I mean I, as a biologist, appreciate their part in the biodiversity scene, but I can't stand them near me. However, she was a cool little compassionate but cold barn spid that I can stand behind. Everyone overlooks the fact that the movie is NAMED for her, but they all remember Wilbur!]

2. Laura Ingalls Wilder [She and her family were the coolest homesteaders around, hands down. I aspire to be like her all the time and fall short by miles!]

1. The main character of my novel series that is still in the works. [Her name is Cassie and she is an ass-kicker, if accidentally. I think that if I didn't selfishly plug for my own creation if would be a lie. I'm proud of the character I developed and I hope that everyone will know of her some day!]


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