Lay-N-Go Lite for Your Convenience!

Parents know the worst pain in the world--I'm not talking childbirth either, because at least then you get a wonderful little baby after! I'm talking about that stab of pain (usually in the foot) that sends you into a silent G-rated "cursing" fit, sometimes brings you to your needs in a loss of balance, and ultimately leaves you wishing there was a better way for your children to get their toys put away. Yes, we've all been there, stepping on Lego's, Barbie heels, or Matchbox cars. Somehow the sharpest, most camouflaged toys seem to be set out like the perfect trap for unsuspecting adult feet!

Presenting to you, the Lay-N-Go Lite, proudly part of my

You want to give your kiddo the benefit of the doubt, you know they do pretty good when it comes to clean up time, but it's hard to get those 1,000 piece puzzles and hundreds of Lego's back to where they are stored. Lay-N-Go may solve all of your toy storage solutions! Especially for those toys with many parts and pieces.

My favorite use so far has been a catch-all ditty bag. We've been traveling a lot and this is a great little pouch to put all of those last minute items that you think of on the way out the door. 

We have a lot of 'loose blocks' but too many to fit in a Lite. Honestly, most of my son's current toys are too numerous or too bulky to fit in a Lite. The larger Lay N Go would be better for toy storage, in my opinion. The exception: kits and sets. Littlest Pet Shops, Lego sets that are smaller, and other toys or games that have pieces you'd like to keep together would be great candidates for a Lay N Go Lite.

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***Disclosure: I received a complimentary Lay N Go Lite for the purposes of completing this review. I was compensated in no other way. All opinions are my own.***


  1. I would love this for my oldest's toys to take with us. Legos, "Castle guys", and other little misc things he loves to take with us when we go places that there won't be toys for him to play with. :)

  2. My boys are getting Legos for the Lay-N-Go Lite would be perfect!

  3. Duplo blocks or wooden blocks.

  4. I always seem to throw in a number of items at the last minute when travelling. I would love to try using the Lay-N-Go for this!

    Comment by: KD

  5. I have several hair products that get mixed up with other items, so I'd use it for that.

  6. I would either use it for my daughter's little toys when we are out and about OR keep it for myself as a cosmetic travel bag :)