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I love finding out about greener, healthier products to take the place of some of the ickier chemicals and compounds that litter our lives today. One element that I've been working hard to rid us of is Aluminum. Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease run in my family and it seems like it's been running rampant in general in today's society. I know studies have connected Aluminum, among other things. I'm no expert, but when I can take measures to be more natural, I do.

It's been a real treat to work with Live Beautifully Body, an Etsy shop that specializes in natural body care products. They sell lip balms, lip butters, lotion, deodorants, colognes and more. It really is a great resource for nearly all of your natural body product needs. I love the thought that Aaron & Nicole put into everything from the names of the scents (they are spot on) and the photos of their products. They disclose on the products what is in said product (which is AWESOME and RARE in this day and age!) Check out the Live Beautifully Body blog for the latest buzz!

The packaging is minimal, but beautiful all on its' own. It is all good quality (I loved that the solid cologne was wrapped in paper) and there are heavy card stock ingredient lists and information attached to each. The lip balm anthology comes packaged in a nice, dainty bag but would be suitable as a gift as-is. There isn't a gross amount of waste either.

Fresh Mountain Timber Mini Cologne

I love that this is not greasy. I put it on and it sort of just becomes part of me--the best smelling part of me! It's also a super convenient size--even the smallest clutch could fit this little guy, so just in case you start to get funky after a hike or before a dinner date, you can freshen up. This scent reminded me of what Paul Bunyan might wear for a hot date! It was pretty masculine, but I really like it for me AND my husband. The smell lasts a long time (like all day) and the container itself will last quite a while too, since just a smear works during each application! This was a SUPER awesome cologne.

Fruited Tea Flavors of Lip Balm - Raspberry Iced Tea, Peach Iced Tea, Blueberry Mint Tea

These were delicious (seriously, I wanted to eat the Blueberry Mint Tea!) They are light on the lips but do provide good protection from wind. I didn't see any UV protection, but with a natural balm, you can't ask for it all. I loved the scents and the fact that you can get Anthologies, so they make a FANTASTIC green gift or stocking stuffer! I do wish the mint would make your lips tingle just a bit, but these are definitely some of my new favorites to have around! The tea collection was fruity, which I love but they also have some yummy sounding decadent dessert ensembles!

Cool Tropical Citrus Natural Deodorant

Finding a natural deodorant was what started my quest and what led me to the Live Beautifully Body Etsy shop. As I said above, I'm trying to be proactive about my families' hereditary diseases. Anything I can do to get out of the path of those that even slightly within my control, I am actively trying to combat. Preventative maintenance, just like a car, right? This deo works supremely well (I'm a heavy sweater--like a pig, more than the guys at times!) So, for a deodorant to work for me, says a lot. I LOVE the smell, again, very fruity but also clean. Sort of reminiscent of pine + citrus but not an icky combo like Lemon-scented Pine Sol! I think it is pure genius to have a non-slip cover too--nothing is more frustrating than having your fingers slip off the top of the deodorant stick over and over...problem solved!

Dark Forest Rain Solid Cologne

This was completely new for me and initially I thought it was soap. This solid cologne is really NEAT. I had to read about it to 'figure it out' -- what I learned, I loved! The fact that it's natural is what appealed to me -- I LOVED wearing a scent but hated the chemical 'after-smell' and feel that I got from store-brand perfumes. So, for many years, I've just smelled like shower, deodorant, or worse yet...funk. Dirty hippy. So, this natural option really got me excited. And, what I read was that you apply it and basically your body crafts your own version of the cologne, based on biochemistry and interactions of the cologne with YOU! So, no two people will probably smell the same wearing the same scent. Neat, right?! I liked this scent a lot, it was more robust and rich than the other Fresh Mountain Timber cologne I tried. They both leave your skin with a soft, rejuvenated, creamy feel. And, I have to admit, smelling good does give me just a little more to feel better about each day! I was surprised to see 'chocolate' listed in the ingredients for this bar--crazy!

Overall, my experience with natural body products was mediocre until this shop breezed into my life. I used products like 'Burt's Bees' for a number of years, because it was really one of the only alternative options to the big box brand names and it seemed like the lesser of the two evils. Other natural products just didn't seem to WORK like they should. Nothing seemed to compare to the chemical-laden mainstream options. Now, I can actually say that I LOVE MY NATURAL BODY PRODUCTS! Live Beautifully Body NAILED IT! 

You seriously need to try these products for yourself. It's like a fun little foray into the world of being healthier! They carry SO MANY scent options and products in their shop--a great place to find all sorts of more healthy and green gifts for this holiday season!

I hope you will scope out the Live Beautifully Body Etsy shop and find something that you or someone you love will really enjoy. You can also find Live Beautifully Body on Facebook and Twitter.

Since it's the time of year to be giving, the owners of Live Beautifully Body are generously giving one lucky reader a $25 gift code to their shop to try some of this green goodness themselves! Enter my 'Very Green Christmas' giveaway HERE to win your choice of some of these amazing natural body products!


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