My Favorite Hours

What is your favorite hour of the day?

For me, there are only a few that are not faves.

First, I love sleeping, so each and every hour that I do so is always a happy hour. Always.

Then there's the morning hour, the one when my son and I first get up. That hour is PRICELESS. It's also best on days when we are not rushed, because I savor it. We snuggle. I relish his toddler bed-hair and its' unique smell (not like newborn, but not like stanky old adult hair either!) From the moment he is in my face, saying "Mornin', get up!" to the next instant when he's saying he's hungry. I still love our breastfeeding relationship and our snuggles. This hour has most others beat.

Then there's the nap time hour or so. It's nice because I totally need that break most days. But, I'm also constantly anxious for him to wake up so we can hang out.

Bedtime hour. This is a fight for most parents, but for us, since we let our son decide the terms of bedtime for the most part, is just another part of the day. More bonding. Not effortless, but not a struggle. We start by going potty, putting on a trainer, breastfeeding, brushing teeth, then kisses. We head up to bed and do our last bit of talking, which is a series of meditations, if you will. "You are beautiful out here, and in here..." "You are smart, handsome and important." "I love you forever." "Sweet dreams." And so on. Every night we say this, it's another favorite. It melts my heart.


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