Orchards, Carrots, Hikes and Canning ~ Autumn is so very Sweet!

Cortlands! The perfect cider apple! We were in Bayfield, WI and just HAD to stop at a few orchards to see what all the fuss was about during Applefest. Turns out, it's SO MUCH FUN to pick apples, even in the chilly rain! 

We grew a fine crop of pumpkins this year, and I've been itching to harvest them in time for Halloween! We put them outside and guess what? Chickens LOVE them. So glad we took pictures! They were just your common variety, likely GMO from a lawn and garden store, but they were pretty good growers. We'd like to venture into heirlooms exploration more and more each year.

Have you ever climbed a fire tower in the Midwest in autumn? Not only is it usually a very fun hike to get there, it's another romp to get to the top! The wind was crazy when we got to the top and it was a blustery, cold rain type of day, so many of the pretty leaves were flying sideways, but the picture still seemed quite impressive, a sea of color. 

The carrots were GORGEOUS this year. Nothing makes a toddler boy happier than digging around in the garden to get these beauts and then spraying around with the hose to wash them clean! These are called Cosmic Purple Carrots, an heirloom variety that you can get from Baker Seed Co. Ours got a little sun burned, but we were largely gone all summer, so we didn't have (take) the time to re-mound after they grew!

As snow is falling and we are approaching the first day of winter, a look at fall and reviewing the fun we've had during the season of harvest makes it a bittersweet transition.


  1. Those carrots look cool! Never heard of "Cosmic Purple"... were they tasty? :)

    1. They WERE! They had purplish outer skin and then the orange (regular carrot) inner. However, I think they were more "zesty?" Definitely better flavor than orange carrots, my husband agreed. It was a first for us!