Ye be warned those who enter...

My dirty little secret is going to become cleaner tomorrow. This prompt about the refrigerator has inspired me to clean it out. Now we do a purge every two weeks or so, but somehow, things get missed. My husband HATES having a cluttered, messy and sometimes frightening fridge that resembles a bio-lab. I'm pretty sure I've cultivated penicillin and other crazy fungi in there. Biodiversity is good, and I'm all for it, just not in my home.

So, these will be leaving, FOR GOOD:

1) Collection of old salad dressing. See ya later Ranch, French, Strawberry Balsamic Vinegrette and Bleu Cheese (ish) --- we are NOT salad people! How on earth did we acquire all of this dressing???

2) Three containers of Cottage Cheese. I love this stuff, so does my son. BUT, it's ALL outdated. I'm always afraid to open the lid on questionable dairy, it's just nasty. But, this stuff has been around longer than Vanna White. So, to the chickens it will go. 

3) Condiments. We have a collection of ketsup, mustard and taco sauce from various roadtrips and treks here and there. They are headed to deer camp with my husband and I'm getting my "cheese drawer" back! 

4) Cinnamon Rolls. These I have no problem with, but I am going to BAKE them tomorrow, because they sound wonderful!!! It was like Christmas when I saw them, lonely on the bottom shelf toward the back!

5) Milk. This is one thing you will ALWAYS find in ample supply in our fridge and  IT'S STAYING!


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