Dino Lingo ~ Learning a Foreign Language as a Family - Parents and Toddler!

Dino Lingo is a fun sponsor of the Ho-Ho-Holiday Gift Guide 2013 and a sponsor for my Family Fun Giveaway Event.

My toddler is learning Spanish! And, Mom and Dad are brushing up on their skills too! I have tried several demos of different learning programs -- after viewing the demo for Dino Lingo with my son, I knew he'd love it and I'd tolerate it. I was so pleasantly surprised when not only was it tolerable, it was fantastic! There is a disclaimer on the site that says the program is "not intended for children with over 50 hrs of foreign language immersion" and I've had two years of Spanish + months abroad and I still thought it was a good refresher!

The delivery is in 35 minute segments which is just enough time to pack in a lot of practice but my son doesn't lose interest. It's also the perfect amount of time for ME and for television time, since we do limit screen time in our house. What was funny and what will surely make the 'baby book' was when I first put the DVD number one on. My son kept getting frustrated, saying "NOT GATO! CAT!" I saw this and immediately was thankful that the kit included a map. So, I sat down with the map and explained (my son is two and a half) that some people live all over and that they talk differently in other places on the map. We were going to listen and look at something called Spanish. I felt silly for not addressing this right away. They've really thought of EVERYTHING with this program!

It's been about a week and a half and we've viewed each DVD two times. My son requests them which is surprising since kids usually prefer Disney and Pixar to educational media! He also requests the DVDs by saying he "wants to watch pato and perro!" He has also started saying hola and adios regularly and in the appropriate situations! I couldn't be more pleased!

I noticed that when introducing tense and verbs or actions it was much easier for ME to make sense of the words in Spanish via the Dino Lingo system than what I recall from textbooks and in-person teaching. It just clicked. They videos may seem a little corny at times, or completely random (like a ten second clip of a snowboarder) but there's science behind that, too. For whatever reasons, it works.

The music CD that is included isn't terrible for kids' music. It's something we actually listen to while in the car. My son doesn't make the connection as well without the visuals, but he listens eagerly and eventually I think just the extra exposure will pay off, when he starts to hear words he recognizes! He also loves his blue dino. We've named him Azul. My son is a tad too young to understand the reward charts and progress charts, but we do use the flash cards for picture/word recognition and to go over some words after the videos, when he's interested.

Here is a preview of a Spanish lesson:

I am elated that my toddler is learning another language. I'm excited that I am getting better at a language that I adored a few years ago and have been rusty on my recall. My husband can sit through the videos and has also been picking up tidbits (his Spanish was nearly a decade ago, so it's rusty for him as well!) As a family, we are doing something worthwhile together. Dino Lingo rocks.

From Dino Lingo, this photo shows the prize that is up for grabs during my Family Fun Giveaway:

You can purchase your own Full Home Education Set on the Dino
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***Disclosure: I received a complimentary program for the purposes of completing this review. All opinions are 100% my own and my thoughts about Dino Lingo being completely RAD are genuine.***


  1. I think the music CD is a great idea, Children learn really well through music

  2. Comment by: KD

    I like that Dino Lingo comes in so many languages. I wish they had a Malayalam version too...I would definitely buy that one!

  3. thank you so much for reviewing this. my kids are homeschooled, and second (and third) languages are important to us. we tried muzzy and the kids didnt dig it!