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Since everyone likes to cozy up near the fire or under a blanket, surrounded by family and/or pets when it's wintery weather outside, I thought a fantastic addition to my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide would be Echo Bridge Home Entertainment! Here are three great collections for family fun that are mostly wholesome and good for almost all ages. 

Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

Some of our favorites were:

Snowbound: The Jim and Jennifer Stolpa Story (based on a true story)
The Legend of Wolf Mountain
Castle Rock
Rugged Gold (based on a true story)
Time of the Wolf

These were part of the following collections, priced right for family fun on a budget:

You can find the best in Action, Horror, Comedy, Drama and FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT at Echo Bridge. The collections are vast and the possibilities for fun-filled family evenings fending of the frozen outdoors by enjoying films together indoors are many.

Some of the films had mild language, violence, and adult situations. If you watch as a family, you will be there to explain these things to your children. The films that I said were favorites were all ones that we viewed with our toddler son. Castle Rock had the most language, Legend of Wolf Mountain had a lot of 'killing' concepts via the convicts in the movie, and Rugged Gold had a sad part that needed some explaining. Otherwise, all of the movies were at time corny and are not Hollywood hits, but are wonderful FAMILY movies that have themes worthy of watching. 

You can find these and a lot more selection on the Echo Bridge Home Entertainment website. It's really a great deal, to have so many hours of family together time for the low prices that they offer. We were incredibly pleased with the content and variety of the packs and have purchased a few more to take us on through the winter!

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**Disclosure: I received complimentary movies as part of this review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated in any other way.**


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