Grizzly Bare ~ Sponsor Spotlight ~ Home for the Holidays

Nothing makes a home feel more comfortable and cozy than some candles burning. Personally, I like to do a little de-cluttering and then light some candles so that my husband thinks I’ve been deep cleaning all day! They’re also great for that effect when you have company that was unexpected and due any minute. These candles are a unique twist on the mundane, with scents that will keep you guessing until they have been lit and will spark interesting conversation if anyone notices the names.

THESE make great stocking stuffers!

I love the variety that is offered on the Grizzly Bare website. Not only are the names delightfully quirky and playful, they are mostly spot-on in describing the smells.

High School Ex-Boyfriend: This one literally brings you back to the hallway outside the locker rooms. Your boyfriend has just gotten done with football practice and you can smell the warm, cheap cologne that he has drenched himself with. His wet hair and boyish smile greet you with a little peck and you hold hands all the way to the parking lot, where you get in his Camaro and “cruise” for a while before going home. Or something like that. Yeah, it’s nostalgic. And a good, clean smell.

Hair: This one was a trip. It grossed me out at first because immediately you think of burning hair for some reason, or at least I do when I put the concept of a candle + hair together. My husband came up with the same results when I asked what he thought it would smell like. It was surprisingly clean as well. Like shampooed hair. It wasn’t my favorite, but it was WAY better than I expected. And not at all like burning hair!

Old Cat Lady: This one was my least favorite. I LOVED the name, but the smell was impeccably my mother-in-law. I remember when she used to take my son for an hour or two as an infant and he’d come back reeking of her old-lady smell. It’s very floral and overpowering, not at all like ammonia, but definitely some kind of old lady signature smell. It’s not a BAD smell, but probably draws on some subconscious dread that I experienced back then.

Vacation Sex: This one is another favorite. It has unmistakable tones of warmth and citrus or maybe mango and papaya—something exotic anyway! It also has that scent of clean, so maybe like a shower at the beach – you know, the ones to wash the salt water off of you? It’s delicious and a little sinful. The perfect combination! Fruity and sultry!

Dirty Hippie: delicious, organic produce market with the smell of a meadow, perhaps? I have only given this one about an hour of burn-time, so my thoughts are not fully composed here, but I dig it. Hint of patchouli?

Shore Whore: Definitely a sea breeze kind of smell. Like an open window from the balcony of a coastal vacation home. I have only done the ‘dry sniff’ here, no lighting, since I had a six candles to go through from Grizzly Bare and wanted to give them the burn time they deserved!
Use the smaller candles in a smaller room to get the best results and the most bang for your buck. The burn time is about 4 hours, or at least was for us. The smell is long-lasting, after you blow the candle out it lingers for about an hour.

Starting 12/16, you can WIN $25 towards the purchase of any number of these scents and more in the selection you will find at the Grizzly Bare website. Good luck and enjoy!

*Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary samples to facilitate this review. Opinions are 100% my own and I was compensated in no other way.*


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