I Don't Regret the Dress

***This was a sponsored post. All opinions expressed herein are my own.***

Weddings are a very personal thing. Some folks like to get married high in the sky with parachutes strapped to their backs. Some go for the beach and others go to the Justice of the Peace. Many spend their lives planning for that one special day.

Me? I wanted a small wedding. Intimate, family and close friends only. Well, 200 people later, we found ourselves cutting corners to keep it economical but still spending a LOT of money. I splurged on the photographer and got mediocre pictures. It seemed that with all the compromise, I'd lost my dream wedding any many many paychecks.

In hindsight, I do not have any regrets at all about marriage or having a wedding. I also do not regret my choice of wedding dress. I didn't buy Vera Wang or spend four digits, but I did feel beautiful in my gown. It was inexpensive but practical, since it's something that I knew I just wouldn't wear again.

I also chose affordable bridesmaid dresses that didn't have matching hats or enough tulle they'd need three seats on an airplane. They were something that fit the figures and complexions of all four ladies and none of them said a peep about not liking them! (Not that they'd dare tell the bride they didn't like the dresses!)

I have often said that to do it over, we'd do a small wedding this time. With the money we'd save, we would take a trip abroad.

But I still LOVE looking at wedding dresses. I'm a little bummed that I didn't see any one-strap numbers when I was in the market. I have also been seeing a number of ladies throwing the notion of traditional white and ivory hues to the fore winds and going with actual colored dresses! It's also a dream of mine to look like Belle, a Disney beauty.

While shopping around, you might consider DressFirst.com -- most of these selections that I adore were very affordable and elegant. There is an array of selection from prom to wedding to bridesmaids--and don't forget those adorable little flower girls' dresses!

My advice? Have fun while dress shopping! Make an event of it. Bring champagne and your friends and your dear old mum and just be thrilled that you are the bride! It really is a day that you cannot match, not even with a lifetime of birthdays--it's YOUR day! Enjoy it!

What is YOUR wedding story?

***This was a sponsored post. All opinions expressed herein are my own.***


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