I See Me Books ~ Holiday Gift Guide 2013

I See Me Books offer a vast selection of personalized books that can make this Christmas extra special for your younger reader! (Or even your really young listener, as is the case with my son!) I think this is a wonderful addition to my Holiday Gift Guide this year, since kids and literacy are two of my greatest passions. As many of you know, I was a literacy advocate and actively tutoring kiddos in Preschool for a stint before having my own dear son to teach and learn with!

There are so many wonderful books to choose from, from babies to twins to older kiddos. Several interests are available like pirates and princesses. The illustrations are captivating for kids and the stories keep them wanting to read over and over. The best part? The stories are about THEM! This particular story that we chose, My Very Own Name, is all about spelling your child's name. You have the option of a dedication in the front as well.

We figured it would be an excellent way to not only make our son feel special, but also for him to learn how to spell his name. My husband and I have VERY different learning styles, and being just 33 months old, we're not sure yet how our son will learn best for things like writing, memorizing, digesting information and recall. But, we thought that if the REPETITION of this story could help him learn his name, either by letter or by association of an animal to a letter or even by a form of photographic memory practice it would be a great book to have in his collection. He also loves animals of all kinds, so it's a great choice that way too!

We LOVED that the animals weren't all just you common: Cat, Dog, Elephant, Horse... There were fairly exotic ones like Emu and likely new animals for many kids to plus things like the name of a particular animals' baby [sheep:lamb.] I also loved that the 'S' was skunk -- they seem to get the raw end of most deals and I ADORE skunks!

Did you know you can get personalized gifts, too? Ornaments, Puzzles, Gift Sets and more! There is no shortage of impressive and special finds on their website! Make the holidays just a little more personal by going with an item from I See Me to make it a treat for your little one.

Win a book from the "My Very Own..." Collection during my Home for the Holidays Event!

**Disclosure: I received a complimentary book for this review. All opinions are my own.**

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  1. I love the idea of personalized books for kids. Our three year old daughter loves books and would be so excited see her name in a book! I also like what you pointed out about this particular book about the variety of animals and ways for children to learn through the story. They have so many great options. I'm going to have a hard time decorating which one to get!