Incredible Results ~ NEW Zumba Fitness Program!

One of my favorite ways to start off a fitness regime in the past was with Zumba. I LOVED going to the classes in person and they seemed to really work FOR ME. I had great moods and lots of energy following the classes and I was able to kick start some great fitness and weight loss results with the in-person classes.

Now, I have a toddler and the classes do not work for me logistically. My husband cannot watch him as the classes locally are during the day, there is no childcare option at the locations, and, we've recently moved so we do not have daycare, relatives or babysitters yet.

My solution? Zumba Incredible Results, the NEW Zumba Fitness program that has just rolled out! I can do this at home, with my son and still have fun achieving fitness (and hopefully weight loss) results! I will be posting A LOT about this adventure, but first I wanted to take the time to tell you a bit about what is included in this new program.

Here is a shot of the DVDs and the guides. 

- Quick Start + 20 Minute Express
- Super Cardio Dance Party
- Zumba Step
- 30 Minute Burn + Amazing Abs
- Fresh & Simple Nutrition Book
- Program Guide with Workout Calendars

Zumba Fitness Rizer

The addition of a rizer is probably the craziest, most fun and newest thing to enjoy from Zumba Fitness. I've used it once in the last three days and I ADORE it. It is so fun and well, it's great toddler entertainment too! 

While I will likely need to add more cardio to my program to keep my body 'guessing' from time to time and it's helpful to me once I get into better shape, I have found Zumba a really wonderful way to START the fitness process. Once I'm a little more limber and have dropped a few pounds using Zumba, I'm much more keen on opening up my schedule for other things too, like spinning and jogging. It's a gateway program! 

Happy New Year!

**I received complimentary product for this series. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.**


  1. I've always wanted to try new fitness options, especially Zumba & Bollywood fitness. My usual routine is the treadmill, free weights, and floor exercises but that can get boring.

    Of course, it's more convenient logistics-wise to work out at home but a live class has its advantages in terms of variety and socialization.

  2. I've for a long while been itching to attempt new wellness choices, particularly Zumba and Bollywood wellness. My standard routine is the treadmill, free weights, and floor practices yet that can get exhausting.