PBS Kids ~ Creature Power!

PBS Kids has a great selection of fun stuff your kiddos will love -- they are also a sponsor of my Ho-Ho-Holiday 2013 Gift Guide!

My son ADORES Wild Kratts. He tells me constantly that he is either Chris or Martin and I have to be "Abiba" (we're still working on the 'V' sounds) because I'm a girl.

Creature Power!

This shirt is a size 3T. They are personalized with your child's name, just like the shirts that Chris and Martin wear. There is also a purple option. The material is pretty heavy duty cotton and the monogram seems to be very good quality. I have not washed the shirt (as it is a gift for under the tree) but I plan to follow the included washing and care instructions and I'm sure it will hold up great!

As a mom, I can count on PBS Kids to provide great educational programming free of advertisements targeted at my child and without any inappropriate content. I can actual do the dishes in peace, knowing I won't be explaining scary images or bad words later!

We also got to check out Creature Adventures, an exclusive Wild Kratts Two DVD Set that features some great Creature Powers in action! We learned about Monarch Butterflies, Duck-billed Platypus, and Beavers...plus MANY more animals! I am absolutely certain that I've learned a few things (even as a wildlife biologist by trade) and my son has learned a ton. He's enthusiastic at the zoo and in the woods when he sees now familiar animals, birds and creatures.

You too can order a shirt like this one for your little budding naturalist! They retail for $19.99 and can be found here at the clothing page for Wild Kratts in the PBS Kids Shop. There are several different shirts to choose from, all with free personalization. The DVD set retails for $19.99 as well, with many others to choose from. You can purchase fun items from all of your kids' favorite PBS Kids television shows in the PBS Kids Shop. 

Stay tuned, Wild Kratts enthusiasts, "Aqua Kratts Week" starts December 23rd! So exciting--make sure you set your DVRs and mark your calendars! Take a break from the Santa shows and catch up on some knowledge!

You can connect with PBS Kids on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on all the Creature Adventures!

**Disclosure: I was provided complimentary product for this spotlight. My opinions remain honest and genuine.**

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  1. My daughters love playing games on the pbskids.org website. I think the games are educational and fun. There are videos too which they enjoy watching. :)