An Update! My Health and Fitness Journey is Underway!

It's something that no one is really a stranger to -- wanting to improve is totally normal. So, I have looked back at my life, my fitness and my attempts at self-improvement. I found an odd pattern...

About every FIVE YEARS I have what I call a "peak." Really, since high school (since that just doesn't count -- everyone can eat Snickers whenever they want and wash it down with a stick of butter and Mt. Dew and never get fat) -- at least in comparison to my metabolism now... Anyway, every five years or so I'm really fit and really happy and I feel like I look pretty darn good.

Then things happen. You Jobs. Kids. Stress.

I am starting to lose weight and become happier and healthier, so I REALLY hope that this is the NEW norm for me -- maybe every five years I'll have an OFF year instead of the inverse that I'm currently stuck in...

That's my goal. To not have PEAK years but to stay at my peak as long as possible!

So far, I've lost ten pounds. Some was due to Zumba. Some to Nutrisystem. And some to good ol' ME!

No matter what your goal or method, go after your summit. Stay at your peak. Succeed.

I don't mean to sound like a Nike commercial or a Clif Bar ad, but it's true. Do it now. Time waits for no one... All of that. It's true.

How are you making progress?


  1. Boy I could really use a coach screaming this in my ear! You are so right though, I got to do it now. I just joined a weight loss group contest at work, hopefully that helps!

  2. That’s the mantra! The efforts shouldn’t end once you reached your goal. In fact, you should keep it up to stay at the peak of your success, if not aim for more challenging ones. I commend you for making your fitness goals happen, and planning ahead to keep it that way for good. I hope you would be able to do just that. Good luck!

    Alexander Hanson @ Orangetheory Fitness