How Much Does Nutrisystem cost? #NSNation

This is one of the things everyone wonders. You see it on TV, you hear about people having great success (everyone knows the name and face of Marie Osmond to be synonymous with Nutrisystem by now) but no one really knows what it costs. 

Let me pose this question for you...

How much do you spend on things outside of your NEEDS each day? (You NEED to do not NEED Starbucks lattes, or even to eat our. You can totally pack a lunch!)

Next, a TWO part-er!
a) How much do you spend on the gym? b) do you go to work out OR is it more of a social hour with minimal sweat?

You could trade the cigarettes, beer, Mt. Dew, or other vices and totally get yourself something like Nutrisystem! If you have no vices and your squeaky clean--or if your vice is something like reading books to kids or helping orphaned kittens, then I guess I have nothin' on you. But, just think about something that you might not like about your lifestyle, the expense it causes you and  voila! Most people can find the means!

Now, keeping all of this in mind, I posed these questions for myself.
1) I buy shakes that are just shy of $10. 2) I eat out but not a lot. 3) I like beer, but that's really only $15 a month or so, because I only drink one at a time, every so often. 4) For me, the place where I can really save is on GROCERIES! 

You see, I'm a foodie. Not a total foodie, because I don't even need anything real refined (other than the sugar) -- sorry, bad pun -- but I just love food. Pringles. Cookies. Mostly junk food. Creamy sauces and even the occasional greasy burger from the Golden Arches. (It pains me to admit that!) But, our grocery bill is quite large each month. So, by only purchasing clean foods and staples like milk and extra virgin olive oil (and yes, coffee--but not by the cup, by the bag o' beans) I have reduced costs by HUNDREDS of dollars.

Adding to that the fact that I've been doing Zumba Fitness DVDs and cross-country skiing or snowshoeing to burn some calories, I've quit going to the gym. I didn't do too much there -- not because I was extra social, far from it! I was too self-conscious to use the machines in front of people, to lap swim (because I was afraid of being too out of shape to shape up with the others OR not being able to swim straight) and when I ran laps on the track, I usually did less than a mile due to lack of counting laps or boredom. 

There you have it. My crazy self-analysis that led me to the school of thought that Nutrisystem costs less than some of the things when combined, that I was wasting money on in the past. For me, it's a great option! (I'm going to cry when I have to cook meals again!) 

I know what you're thinking: She hasn't told me what it costs! You're right. That's because there isn't really a set cost. Each person will have a bit different plan. Your metabolism is figured in. There are several different plans to choose from -- Select, My Way, Fast 5, Men's, Women's, Family... The fact is, IT IS AN INVESTMENT. I'm not going to lie, it IS expensive (at least for most folks, like me) but it depends on what you deem worthy of your money. For me, finally losing my weight will be worth more than my old weight in gold! (Well, not literally, but to me, personally, yes it will!)

*I received a complimentary meal plan in return for my participation in this campaign. I was compensated in no other way. All opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. Now I really want to know how much it costs :) That is probably the one thing holding me back from trying something like this. I know I could save some money if I could figure out the whole crazy couponing free grocery thing but so far I haven't quite got the hang of it. I bet I could save a ton that way though.

  2. I would really love to be able to be on Nutrisystem. Especially to jump start me to get ready for summer time. Unfortunately, I can't afford it.