Mama's Got a Brand New Look ~ Appendage Accessories

If you're a mama, you probably realized around the second night of your new baby's life that you no longer got to look forward to BEAUTY sleep, rather you needed just a few hours of SURVIVAL sleep. Welcome to motherhood, my friend! You are in good company here!

Well, one thing that I've noticed other than the fact that my late night addiction to corny Nancy Drew games does not help sleep, is that if I can keep my eyes closed, I fall asleep faster, longer. One night, in the dark, I resorted to tying my son's robe belt around my eyes. Fearing inadvertent strangulation, I soon found a sleep mask.

Not just any sleep mask though...a playful, gorgeous, cozy one that is what I aspire to someday become...


Appendage Accessories makes many different really cool looking sleep masks. I chose the sloth because ever since my pilgrimage to Costa Rica, I have been in love with them. My husband seems to think I was one in a former life, because of my tendency toward sleep and my need for lazing around. I however, aspire to become a sloth. They are really chill, great mothers, good swimmers and are pretty darn adorable!

I love that this mask is pliable. It contours your face nicely. They are HAND DRAWN! Isn't that amazing--then printed, of course. She doesn't drawn on each one. That would be crazy. She'd need a sleep mask for all that hard work! The adjustable elastic band makes this a great score for any head, and as a bonus, all of the masks have eyes that pierce onlookers. So, on a plane or another public place you appear to be gazing through the eyes of an animal, which guarantees undisturbed sleep! (Bonus for mama's because it trips out your children as well. They think it's just the coolest thing! At least, mine does!)

Get your own Appendage Sloth (or other critter) sleep mask at the Appendage Accessories Etsy shop--they retail for about $26.50. Make sure to check out my Mama's Got a Brand New Look event page for your chance to win a gift certificate to the Appendage Accessories shop!

**I received a complimentary mask for the purposes of this post and this event.**


  1. Wow! These are not only adorable but functional too, what a great combination!!

  2. I've never actually worn a sleep mask before. Occasionally my daughter will sleep with me and she wants a light on which makes it so hard for me to sleep. That's when one of these would come in really handy! I really like their Panda Sleep Mask!

  3. These are so cute! I would love to have one for the rare occasions on which I can sleep in or take a nap.