Mama's Got a Brand New Look ~ Rainpuk

Have you ever watched Northern Exposure? It's no secret, especially if you've read my blog at all, that I LOVE Northern Exposure. It's a great example of a show that met its' maker too soon. As an ex-Alaskan myself, I really REALLY still believe a part of my heart is there in the Last Frontier. So, when I find great shops and products from that great big wild state, I tend to LOVE them too! Rainpuk is potentially the coolest outdoor gear shop that I've found in a LONG time! You can find Krista the mom and talented maker of the Rainpuk jacket on Etsy.

Never heard of a rainpuk? Wondering what my connection between Northern Exposure is to a rain jacket, other than Alaska? (Even though, yes, I know it was really filmed in Washington...) Well, the connection lies in Marilyn. Remember, the Alaskan native secretary that Dr. Fleischman employed in his office? Well she'd often be seen wearing a KUSPUK, which is a traditional Alaskan native garb. Well, Krista has combined the need for weather protection and warmth with the traditional style of a kuspuk to for RAINPUK!

This is a rainpuk. She has TONS of prints and can make them for kiddos too! Made with laminated cotton and lined with fleece or flannel, these jackets are the epitome of outdoor style for your NEW LOOK! Any mama (and her offspring) would be all too happy to sport this functional and fashionable form of rain gear! I lived in one of the rainiest portions of the state and though my field work through the Devil's Club would have probably ravaged a pretty coat like this, I'd still have worn it proudly!

Do you have a favorite print? What do you think of this crazy cool rain repelling jacket? 
I LOVE it!

This print (pictured above with courtesy from Rainpuk) is called KITCHEN CAMEO.

It's a Kuspuk! As you can tell, Krista can make a traditional Kuspuk if that's more your style. Believe me, I've scoured the web, and unless you know where to go in Alaska, Kuspuks are hard to come by! So this is a great shop to bookmark!

Make sure to check out my Mama's Got a Brand New Look event page for your chance to win a gift certificate to the Rainpuk shop! Oh--and Like the Facebook Page for Rainpuk as well, you'll see all sorts of folks sporting their Rainpuks---so much fun!

**I received a Rainpuk to try in exchange for this post. All opinions of the rad rainjacket are my own and are honest. I was not compensated in any other way.**


  1. I have a coat fetish and these are so beautiful and versatile. My favorite prints are the HoneyChild and Alaskan Saturday.

  2. I've never heard of rainpuk before and what a unique and cute look! Love the Chevron Lime design.

  3. Wow, these are so beautiful! I love the prints!

  4. These are gorgeous... not just the prints but the style as well... rainy days are so dreary, this would make them something to look forward to!!