Mama's Got a Brand New Look ~ Silverwear Creations

Do you ever want to BE a Disney Princess? I must be having some kind of early mid-life crisis, or I just REALLY need to have a little girl and talk my husband into having child #2, because I've totally been channeling Disney Princess energy lately!

Here is a photo from the Silverwear Creations shop that is inspired by Princess Anna

I have the hair of Princess Anna now, but before, I was as blonde as Queen Elsa. Then, I found this great necklace in an Etsy shop and my love of recycling and upcycling and Disney combined to make a beautiful accessory that I thought would be perfect for this event! I found Silverwear Creations and was amazed at how beautiful a SPOON handle could become!

Here is the back of the spoon necklace. All of the cool work is done by hand and this shows that the coloring truly is silver, not yellowish gold like my crazy lighting might lead you to believe!

Once the eating part of the spoon is gone, the utensil is no longer clunky or heavy and becomes are really unique piece of jewelry! I have been wearing it since it was delivered and I think it's a funky piece for any jewelry collection that is affordable, unique and can really be paired with many looks!

Make sure to check out my Mama's Got a Brand New Look event page for your chance to win a piece from the Silverwear Creations shop!

**I received a necklace to try in exchange for this post. All opinions of the Princess Effect I feel are my own and are honest. I was not compensated in any other way.**


  1. Interesting look! I like that you are up cycling this to make beautiful items!!

  2. What unique jewelry! I love the :
    . Reflective Brown
    . Beautiful Mexican Desert.

  3. This is my favorite of all! I have a spoon ring that I just love but it got crushed years ago and I have been wanting to replace it. The necklace with the snowflake is awesome. So unique!

  4. I really like this... I have boxes of antique and vintage spoons that match nothing, that I have used as picture hangers, coat hooks, you name it. Having a piece of funky jewelry would just be the cherry on top!