#NSNation Fast 5 and Select Scrutiny

So, I am on track for starting my Fast Five on the 14th. I see for the first week there are no desserts...sad face! But, getting that weight loss ball rolling is important. I have a feeling I will lose like EIGHT pounds. Yesterday, I felt like a Survivor contestant! It was hard to not have to food in time, but it all worked out fine. I just ate healthier options, in lieu of fast food, junk food, or no food!

I need to up the water intake. I suppose yesterday I got 20 ounces in total. This is a GOOD water day compared to my norm, which I know is scary and stupid. I drink just enough to survive I'm sure!

So, I have dedicated a water bottle to my cause and will be clipping it to my person with a caribiner.

I was bummed to see just how many "meals" were in the form of a bar. I have not yet tried this as a "meal" but a protein bar has never cut it in the past, so I'm thinking on days where this is my MEAL I will need a salad and a heavy does of veggies with the bar. I'm open-minded though! Maybe they're great.

Chicken Pot Pie for dinner was satisfying, though I was so hungry because I first made my son's supper, and then put away groceries, that I didn't take the time to add veggies with it. So, an hour later, I ate 1/2 a cucumber to keep filling up my belly. I also drank a glass of milk (because I LOVE milk) in lieu of a dessert. I'm still under 1,000 calories for today. I can't help but think...is that right?

I was also a little surprised to see a substitution of something like a Harvest Nut Bar subbed in for Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes. Those two things are on TOTALLY different playing fields if you ask me! So, I hope I get to try the potatoes someday! All the "low inventory" items sounded fantastic and in general were subbed for lesser items, in my humble opinion. There were probably eight substitutions on my order this round.

Are you intrigued? Need to know more about Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting them on the web!

Thanks to the friendly folks at Nutrisystem who believed in me enough to bring me aboard as a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger! 
Disclosure: I received complimentary products as part of this adventure. All opinions are my own and are honest.


  1. I also blog and have struggled with my weight for a long time! I've tried to contact about the blogger program and keep getting the run around! Do you know of a site to apply? To see if I'm eligible? Thanks so much and I'm a new follower:) good luck so excited to see how it works for you!

  2. Good luck! Dieting is so hard. My new year's resolution was actually to drink more water. I'm like you. I drank just enough to survive! But so far, so good. I'm not drinking nearly as much as they say you are suppose to but I'm doing much better than before (which was barely any).