#NSNation So, How does Nutrisystem work? Day One!

I sat up on Sunday, thinking about the Fresh Frozen foods in my freezer and anticipating the arrival of the Nutrisystem pantry items and convenience meals that would be coming from the man in the brown shorts tomorrow.

Then I checked the status of my order, and I saw it wouldn't be the man in the brown shorts, but the fella in the white van. I only got about four hours of sleep, so I'm starting off the morning with a LOT of black coffee. Not an empty calorie sort of choice, but still, a diuretic so not my best start!

I looked at the website. I have seen the commercials. What the heck did I sign up for? It seemed relatively easy--they ship me food, I eat it, I lose weight! Right? I sure hope so!

I will be eating FOUR meals a day! And, I peeked into that box of food on dry ice and I did spy some dessert!

This morning, since Fresh Frozen is all I have to choose from until said delivery man gets to my house,  I started with a Cinnamon Roll. Nothing too fancy and I didn't add anything to it, except my morning coffee.

I LOVE that the program is delivered to my door! I am very scared that I will only like about 50% of less of the selections, since I'm extraordinarily picky! The Cinnamon Roll was GOOD!

The rest of my day is a bit of a mystery, since I will be out and about. If I don't get my other foods before I leave the house, I'll likely default to an Herbalife Shake for lunch and then go grocery shopping for some fresh fruits and veggies and healthy add-ons like cottage cheese and yogurt. So, this first day is a little shaky, but I'm workin' it out as best as I can!

Okay, today I was HUNGRY. I didn't have the ability to pack my convenience foods, since they hadn't arrived. I DID have a shake and then I had 1/2 C shredded cheese and a cup of raw carrots to tide me over. I got home and at a Chicken Pot Pie meal. All in all, not bad food, but I am excited to get to EAT MORE tomorrow!

Fast 5 is looking like the logical next step, I sort of jumped the gun starting today, but there are others that started today too, so I didn't want to get behind! The only thing so far that I don't like is my lack of MILK!!!

I'm excited to weigh myself Thursday morning to see how fast the pounds are shedding. I KNOW they are, since my regular regime was pretty pathetic. [Read Corn Pops, Pringles, Candy, Pasta...] If a rare veggie snuck in it was a HEALTH FOOD DAY!


  1. I think I would LOVE having my meals delivered. It sounds so convenient. I heard it was kinda expensive though. Is that the case? Maybe I just haven't read that post yet. I know they do promotional things too.

    1. Well, I've done gyms, Weight Watchers, and now Nutrisystem. My theory is that you get what you pay for. In this case, it's a little more pricey, but you actually get the food! If you were to buy your Starbucks or something else you intake daily in advance and in bulk, you'd probably be more struck by the cost as well. Conversely, if you purchased your Nutrisystem meals by the day, it wouldn't seem as bad! Does that make sense? That's how I look at it anyway! :)

  2. Having meals delivered sounds great, but one thing I am worried about with delivered foods is the sodium and the processes the food goes through. I am slowly learning how to eat more clean and prepare normal everyday food that my husband and kids would eat.