#NSNation Starts TODAY!!

Well folks, I cannot help but be excited. It's Monday. My Frozen foods came from Nutrisystem and I'm REALLY excited to start the program!! I've already lost SIX pounds to kick off my weight loss and health fest -- that was just in a few minor changes like eating only when I'm hungry, trying to get in a 1/2 hour of exercise (thanks to my new love of Zumba and swimming!) and drinking more water. Easy peasy.

I will be trying out three months of the all-new Nutrisystem My Way program and I'm really excited about trying the Fast 5 -- a week long kit to jumpstart weight loss and lose FIVE pounds fast!

So, TODAY is the day I get to start in on the real eating makeover. I couldn't resist peeking at my frozen foods and I think I'm going to do it "grab bag style." That way, I won't be high grading the "really good stuff" and lose some of my weight loss mojo at the end of the month when I'm down to "what's left" -- though most of it looks pretty tempting!

Have you used a meal plan program to lose weight? Have you had success with self discipline and good old fashioned exercise?

I am a little overwhelmed and we'll be moving from one house to another during this time. I'm also apprehensive about snacking and totally blowing my new diet AND preparing meals for my family while I'm eating Nutrisystem. I'm sure these are quite common anxieties, and as I forge ahead, I'll be sure to let you all know if I'm totally failing or if I'm kicking butt. I hope it's the latter.

So what else have I done?
  • Well you've already seen my before photo. So that's done (thank goodness!)
  • I've cleaned out space in the freezer where those delectable desserts now lay.
  • My start date is Monday, January 13th, so I have made the commitment!
  • I have a staggered system of goals. 
    • First: Lose 7% of my weight -- the crazy thing is I'm a third of the way there! Since the time I found out I was starting this #NSNation adventure to this very moment, I've lost SIX pounds. 
    • Second: Lose a full 20 lbs. and 
    • Ultimate: Lose 60 lbs., size 5 or 7 jeans, FEEL HEALTHY!
  • I am sitting down tonight to have my husband measure me (it seems like eons ago that I was measured as I started my personal trainer job and had only 18% body fat...)
  • I will be Grocery Shopping sans child tomorrow! Healthy ONLY! 

So, there we have it. That's the best mental dump I can divulge before actually jumping into this thing. I'm grateful to be given this chance to succeed and that has given me even more ambition!

I'd LOVE YOUR support! In fact, I'd love to do this WITH you! Come on back each week and comment on how you've done your best to become a healthier you.

Are you intrigued? Need to know more about Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting them on the web!

Thanks to the friendly folks at Nutrisystem who believed in me enough to bring me aboard as a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger! 
Disclosure: I received complimentary products as part of this adventure. All opinions are my own and are honest.

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