Why I think Cheating is Important ~ Play Like a Kid

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It’s already been two weeks! How am I doing? I’m down ALMOST ten pounds! I have a really lame confession to make—I haven’t been trying 100% this last week!

Sure, I’ve had little cheater moments (I ate a very small portion of ice cream, five or so Pringles, and tastes of chocolate throughout the week.) BUT, I’ve still been putting quite a bit of will power into the plan. I’ve resisted binging on Oreos and Cheetos. I’ve been out a few times on the plan and ate salad while my family enjoyed onion rings and French fries. So, I’m darn proud still!

The part that I’m not as proud of is my fitness dedication. I have only been working out about 3x per week instead of 3x per day. Granted, when I do a workout, it’s generally 20 minutes or longer and I am dripping with sweat when I’m done, but I really wanted to do that kind of work out EACH day, with a day or two of rest here and there. So, I’ve dropped the ball there.

The way I HAVE been exercising rocks though!! Not only do I love the movin’ and shakin’ to Zumba Fitness Incredible Results, I am also playing with my child while I do it! We dance and do Zumba for a while, then when he gets sick of it (generally after 15-20 minutes, which is pretty sweet for toddler attention span) we start running around the house—literally. We are currently living in barracks (suitable for 12 people, with just the three of us) and there is a long hall way and lots of open living space. So, it makes for a miniature indoor track.

I skip, shuffle step, run forward, run backwards and lunge all around the house. My son squeals with delight as I chase him and interact with him more actively and vigorously than ever before and I am absolutely panting and sweating after just ten minutes or so of this ‘toddlercise!”

So, my recommendation to you? Take that bite of chocolate—just a BITE mind you, but do it. It keeps me from completely going off plan and is really only about 50 calories or less. This I feel is a wash since I rarely eat all the sauces in my meals – I am never part of the clean plate club since I’m not big on sauce, so that’s my justification. Take it or leave it! Haha! If you are stronger than me and can stick to the plan (or any plan) flawlessly, I commend you!

My other bit of possibly more sound advice is to play like a kid. They are in constant motion and if you were to just follow your toddler around for a half hour each day, you’d be in better shape than you can believe without even trying!

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  1. Whenever I need to lose a little weight and start following a diet, dark chocolate is my cheat. I agree it's nice to have a little "harmless" treat every once in a while.