How I eat what I want on Nutrisystem: #NSNation

This isn’t just a catchy title or something Marie Osmond is directed to say—you REALLY can have all sorts of things that you normally wouldn’t consider ‘weight loss food.’ I have found that if I enjoy what I eat I do not need to cheat. Like that little mantra? It suits me well.

So I eat Chicken Alfredo and Pizza a LOT. I have chocolate shakes and I look forward to my Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sundae or a nice Whoopie Pie! (Which I’d like to thank Nutrisystem for that one! I’d never even heard of it before and now it’s a new favorite!)

How do I get to eat what I like you might be wondering? Well, my plan allows me to customize my meals! Yes! Just what I want! If I didn’t like the Tortellini the first month, I simply do not order it the next! I would recommend that you try as many different entrees and desserts as possible your first month, this way you’ll have a good feel for what Nutrisystem has to offer and what you like. Make sure that when you sign up you select the appropriate plan for customizing—I do not believe the basic and some of the other options accommodate us picky eaters! BUT—I will say, even if you cannot customize your order, I ate over 80% of what I was shipped the first go around. I kind of liked the ‘grab bag’ style surprise!

The reason you are able to eat so many yummy foods is this—Nutrisystem pre-portions things for you. You cannot over eat. There are enough nutritious components in the food that you really do feel satisfied for quite some time. Hint: Don’t give up in that first tough week, it takes about a week and a half or so for your tummy (or at least mine) to get used to the new size of portions! But, admittedly, I was eating enough calories to be back at my old job as a wildland firefighter—nearly 3,000 a day! The catch? I wasn’t working off any of it. I had a serious surplus of calories and what you really want to achieve is a deficit.

I already told you that I am a cheater. No, not on taxes or my hubby, but I do sometimes knowingly sit down with an Oreo or two. I drink just a little more milk than you should. I’m okay with that.
The second reason that you can really eat a lot of food on Nutrisystem is that you’re packing your plate with Smart Carbs and Power Fuels! I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and occasionally cheese and nuts or nut butter. My favorites recently have been asparagus, sweet potatoes and carrots. It’s a little difficult to find yummy produce in the northern climes in the dead of winter, but thanks to canning during the fall and a little creativity, I’m doing okay!

It is with excitement that I end this post—I just got my shipment confirmation from Nutrisystem—to start month number two! Crazy how fast this is going by and I can really say—pretty painless! I’ve lost ten pounds – I keep wavering right around there, I lose .4 and then I gain .5 and then I stay the same for a day or two… I think everyone knows what that means…

Have you been experimenting with a new weight loss program? Do you have tips and tricks that keep the ball rolling for you? Dish!

*I received a complimentary meal plan in return for my participation in this campaign. I was compensated in no other way. All opinions are 100% my own.*


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