Raise Your VOICE for the New Season!

Who is excited about the upcoming Season Premier of The Voice on NBC? I am super excited! I am a big sucker for several reality television shows, and though I haven't watched America Idol for years, I've started watching The Voice pretty regularly now though!

This is one of my favorite throwback songs from a younger time, but I just love this "Most Inspiring Moment's" video -- great song, great talent!

Part of what I love about this show is that it's not something I need to flip the channel when my toddler son enters or is in the room. He can even watch it with us -- though he'd usually rather play trucks or build block towers while listening to the music rather than watching. But, all in all, it's pretty wholesome fun -- that's something we can really get excited about since it's a dwindling thing on television these days!

So, we'll be snuggling up and sitting together as a family to enjoy some new voices that will be contenders for the top spot! I'm hoping someone comes out playin' some 90s tunes!

Are you tuning in? Do you have a favorite judge? 

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