The Burger That Blew My Mind ~ #NSNation

So there was this feather light box within my Nutrisystem shipment that I avoided for almost a full month. I was down to my last week of entrees and I decided it needed to go down the hatch. I was acting no better than my toddler when it came to eating this dreaded burger.

This is the offensive burger.

The one that BLEW my mind.

Having nothing else that sounded appealing, bucking it up and giving it a try, I took this dehydrated burger and placed it in boiling water. Within a minute, the smell was alluring.

It was looking better. I was feeling a little guilty about giving it the cold shoulder.

So, I dressed it up with some light 7-grain bread and a little low fat cheese with some ketsup.


I proceeded to eat the best "diet" burger I've ever consumed. Ever.

Nutrisystem continues to impress me. I am bummed that I already put in my second month's order and because of my two-year-old tastebuds before trying this burger out, I neglected to order any! Boo!

So, I will eat my other scrumptious choices and rest-assured, I'll be ordering at least FIVE of these next month! I'm lovin' the variety in my meals! It's honestly way more diverse than my normal meal planning menu selections! My poor husband and son are still eating boring! 

Have you ever been surprised by a "diet" food that tastes great? 

*I received a complimentary meal plan in return for my participation in this campaign. I was compensated in no other way. All opinions are 100% my own.*


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