Top Ten Things to do with Kids Inside

When the weather outside is frightful, do something INSIDE that is delightful! Here are a few ideas to beat the wintry blues when it's just too cold or in the spring when it's rainy...or if you're just plain stuck inside. It's been an excruciatingly windy winter, so though we love cold weather fun, it's been hard to handle the bitter breezes with little ones. 

10. Cleaning party! I know, I know. You're thinking: "Cleaning isn't fun! My kids will NEVER go for that!" Well, it might be a long shot, but if you do cleaning blasts, like 5 minutes of non-stop cleaning and be a little wild about it, they might get into it for a while! And hey, if you get dishes and vacuuming done, it's a WIN, right?

9. Bath time + paint. I'm a mean mom. The only time my child gets to paint without me hovering, is when he's in the tub. We don't have particularly nice things, fancy furniture or expensive carpets. I just hate cleaning up huge messes. So, we get a bath going and I either make paint or I get out the bath paints and other water art fun.

8. Workout together! This one requires more convincing on MY part than my sons. He LOVES to do my workouts--I do not always want to oblige. But, this is a good way to get those sillies out that benefits everyone. Just be sure to make a safe area to go crazy -- I clocked him during the warm up of our first attempt. Lesson learned.

7. Watch a good movie...or two! We try to manage our screen time, but sometimes you need to relax and turn on the boob tube. We have recently discovered a few kid-pleasers that parents can tolerate (or enjoy!) We like family collections and movie packs, Henry's Amazing Animals (VHS and a bit dated, but so good, too!) and we of course are currently loving our second language practice! National Geographic makes some real gems too!

6. Read. I know it's likely to only keep the tykes busy for thirty minutes, but it's thirty minutes of literacy and together time (and time that they'll be quiet(er) for mama to gather her wits again!

5. Dance Party! This is an alternate work out! Seriously have you ever tried working out (read going about your day as normal) like a toddler? It's hard work--which makes it a great workout if they mutinied at the thought of working out for fun, as suggested above!

4. Play Doh! Whether you make it yourself or buy it with all the fun accessories, Play Doh is bound to keep those little ones busy for quite a while!

3. Bake! This one doesn't work for US, but does work for many of my friends and their kids. We end up with dishes, mess, and a mama with a belly full of unnecessary calories! If you love baking though and are naturally a high metabolism person, this might work! We like to play pretend with baking instead -- at the play kitchen, I have my son whip me up his specialties!

2. Get Artsy! We have a gigantic tote of foam, googly eyes, feathers, pipe cleaners, Popsicle sticks, stickers, glue, glitter and more. If you have items that look messy like glue and glitter, they will love it! I enjoy crafting just as much as my son, so this will keep us busy for at least an hour!

1. Make a fort. Everyone knows this is the ULTIMATE in indoor family fun! Couch cushions, chairs, blankets, pillows, bean bags...all items are fair game for this one! Channel your inner child and make the best darn fort around!


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