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So, not only am on using Nutrisystem, I am gearing up for healthier living all around and part of that is to prepare myself for life without Nutrisystem in a few months! Zumba Fitness has me covered! They included a guide to healthy weight loss eating with Incredible Results! It’s called the Fresh and Simple Nutrition Book.

The great thing about this guide is that it’s a no-brainer. It lays out a menu plan for seven days and even includes recipes! Sunrise Smoothies and Powerhouse Portabella Mushroom Tacos are some of the faves from the book in our house. That’s another great thing—my whole family can eat the meals I make! (Not that my toddler always will, but it’s something healthful and nutritious I can feel good about feeding him!)

You can easily mix and match from the two plans—Rapid Weight Loss and Everyday Weight Loss. Personally, I am more aligned with the Everyday plan. Salmon and bean burgers, white bean soup, chili and lots of smoothies—yeah, I can get on board with that!

This is a BIG change. Just like Nutrisystem was a BIG change. My life before (at least the eating side in the last few months prior to either program) involved a LOT of sugar cereals, macaroni and cheese, hotdogs, a ton of red meat, chips and chocolate in just about every form! It was really unhealthy. I would have days where I actually could not remember eating ANYTHING that most nutritionists would consider healthy!

Since part of my unhealthy lifestyle was a TON of snacking, I was delighted to see the Zumba Incredible Results Nutrition Guide also had some ideas for healthy snacks for maintaining your weight.
I didn’t drink water. I barely exercised. So, taking baby steps in the right direction, I’m reforming MY life to reset the future for my son and my family to have a brighter, healthier future. I don’t want to contribute any longer to diseases like Obesity and Type II Diabetes that are well within my control of preventing!

As a somewhat related aside, the Zumba Step DVD featuring the Rizer is STILL my favorite workout routine from Incredible Results! I really do hope that they come out with a line of DVDs that ALL involve the Rizer! It rocks!

*I received complimentary product in return for my participation in this campaign. I was compensated in no other way. All opinions are 100% my own.*


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