Build-a-Bear Workshop Presents: Palace Pets! Friends fit for Royalty!

I need to start by saying though Disney princess related things are generally marketed toward girls...why not give them to your little boy? I've always let my kiddo choose what he's going to like and dislike and he happens to like getting his nails painted, Disney Princesses, and riding four wheeler. He also likes hunting and lots of very solidly "boy" things.

So, he was thrilled to see this little box waiting for him one day when we got home. He knows the box well as Pumpkin (pictured below) is his third lovie from Build-a-Bear. He cannot get enough of these plush pals!

Disney Palace Pets are a new line from Build-a-Bear and are adorable and can be purchased plain or adorned with the crown jewels and accessories fit for a ball. If you didn't know, Pumpkin is Princess Cinderella's pup. Her friend Treasure is Princess Ariel's royal furry friend and is an equally cool Palace Pet!

You can get both of these beautiful Palace Pets from Build-a-Bear Workshop!

Pumpkin loves her Blue Sparkle dress and matching blue bow along with her Silver Gem flats to dance the night away at the Royal Ball. She also has a pretty tiara and collar/necklace with a blue gem to complete her look and catch the eye of the other pups at the palace party! 

Imagine the look on your little one's face when you are watching The Little Mermaid or Cinderella -- each pet resembles their loving master (notice the name Pumpkin is reminiscent of Cinderella's preferred method of transportation and Pumpkin's accessories are all the dazzling blue of Cinderella's own stylings!) Ariel has the same fiery hair as her kitty cat and Treasure the cat has very "Under the Sea" themed accessories! You can meet all the princesses and their Palace pets and find fun apps and other activities to make your kiddos' new furry friend really come alive!

You can win a Bear Buck$ gift card worth $25.00 to spend on a Palace Pet of your very own (or something else that tickles your fancy from BABW)! They are a super sponsor for the Under the Rainbow giveaway, going on now! You can also purchase a Palace Pet starting at $25.00 for the animal only and $66.00 for the Palace Pet in all their royal dressed-up glory from the BABW website. Make sure to keep up on Facebook and Twitter too! Good luck!

*I was provided a complimentary Palace Pet for this review. I was not compensated in any other way.*


  1. These Palace pets are perfectly adorable and I think that Build A bear has been great in coming out with some many different critters and designs, I think that Disney Palace Pets cat Treasure is beautiful and I love her color (orange).

  2. Build A Bear is amazing. I love the fact that they are doing things that are pretty much gender based so that you can be more certain the child will like it.

  3. My daughters would be in love and fight over these adorable Palace pets. Both of my girls are super special to me and would love to win this for them