Chicken Soup for the Soul - Literally!

Recently I had the distinct and delectable pleasure of trying out something relatively new from the Chicken Soup for the Soul folks -- actual Chicken Soup! This was a real treat for me since 1) I love chicken noodle soup, 2) I'm exceedingly picky, and 3) I love trying new foods even though I'm picky!

Not only can you get chicken noodle soup from the Chicken Soup for the Soul website, it's been introduced to several retailers across the U.S. There are now eight different soups to choose from as well as other comfort foods!

So, while your curling up with your newest Chicken Soup for the Soul book, you can now warm your soul and your belly at the same time! I was very pleasantly surprised since I'm so crazy when it comes to what I eat. I also like to "mush up" about 1/2 of a tube of crackers into my soup. My husband calls it slop instead of soup at that point -- I couldn't be more overjoyed that my son also enjoys slop!

Do you have strange soup stories?

Here is my old chicken noodle soup in a side-by-side comparison to the new Chicken Soup for the Soul chicken noodle soup.

Which do you think is the Chicken Soup for the Soul variety? Which would you rather eat?

I can tell you this: I love both. The bottom is my old stand by. A comfort food if you will. I normally do not like any of the 'extras' in soups like vegetables or chicken. I like broth + noodles when it comes to my chicken soup! But, with the top picture, which is of course the Chicken Soup for the Soul version, I have to admit I pick out the celery. But, I realize, most soup eaters like those hearty additions. The flavor is good, just a little creamier than a chicken broth and the noodles are nice and thick. I can definitely say this too is a comfort food! My first impression of this new line is scrumptious!

Check out the Chicken Soup for the Soul site to see if there is a retailer near you and try some of the new line today -- for lunch! Winter is still upon us for a little longer so cuddle up with some soup and slurp away the rest of the snow and cold!

*This is a collaborative partnership. I received a complimentary sample of Chicken Soup for this post. All opinions are my own. Do not use pictures or text without express permission from the owner on this site.*


  1. Yum! That does look good. I just want to cuddle up with a cup of soup and a good book!

  2. looks like campbells noodles haha