EZ Paint: Spillproof Fun for Kids, Worry-free for Moms!

My kid loves to do "crafts." He asks to do something crafty everyday. I do NOT complain about this. I love to get crafty too! But some days, I REALLY need to get things done. Since with nearly every painting project (except in the bathtub) I need to supervise so that it's not too messy, and even then it's STILL in the tub, so I have to supervise for obvious safety issues! With EZ Paint I can actually step away to answer the phone or wash a few dishes and not worry that my child will be painting the table, countertop, drinking the paint or any number of other paint + child hazards. Nope! EZ Paint is spill-proof. It really is!

There are several different creating kits that can get your child on his or her way to artistic and mess-free fun! The jars of paint are similar to nail polish. The lid is attached to the paintbrush and screws onto the jar. The differences? There are no fumes -- a big bonus -- and I've spilled nail polish before. I tipped these puppies over and they do not spill!

Here is a glimpse at the cool colors of the deluxe kit. Now I'm not a horrible mama - messes aren't my ONLY concern. They aren't even my number one concern -- obviously I really need to have a safe option for my child. EZ Paint is non-toxic and the fact that it doesn't spill like other tubs of paint make it harder for your child to ingest anyway!

The advisory on the website and the product says for ages 3 - 103 but I have to confess, my child started using EZ Paint BEFORE he was three and it was totally appropriate *for him.* 

The next really convenient and creatively cool aspect of EZ Paint sets is that they come with cards to paint! Fun, pretty unisex designs take away the hassle of looking for paper or some other surface that you don't mind having paint grace! You can essentially throw the whole kid in your purse (they only take up about as much space as a checkbook-style wallet) and bring it along to the restaurant or doctor's office! 

You can win your own set of EZ Paints! They are a super sponsor for the Under the Rainbow giveaway, going on now! You can also purchase a kit starting at $9.99 and up from the EZ Paint website. Make sure to keep up on Facebook and Pinterest too! Good luck!

*I was provided a complimentary EZ Paint kit for this review. I was not compensated in any other way.*

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  1. These sound like a wonderful solution to a messy problem, when my grandchildren come over I take away any paint because it spills all over and we use markers and crayons, or paintbooks that use water on the brushes, I think that these would be nice for them to try when we paint our wooden projects and also like the convenience of the size of the bottles.