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Freemi Breast Pump

A few months ago, a friend emailed me (Nissa from Cloth Diaper Guru blog) a link to a new product: Freemie Hands-free pumping system for breastfeeding mothers.  I
was a seasoned, working and pumping mom, and this was something new. I
shared the link with a few of my followers and there was a huge interest
in this product.

While there are plenty of breast pumps on the market, Freemie is completely different. 

The Freemie milk collection cups allows you to pump with your shirt on.  You can pump in front of anyone, you can pump anywhere, and the pump is much quieter than the typical breast pump.  If
you already own a breast pump, Freemie sells adapters to make the milk collection cups usable with many popular brands.  Freemie also sells a manual breast pump that is great for on-the-go use.

When I heard about Freemie, I had almost 2 years of pumping experience between my two children.  I was using a typical, double-electric breast pump that required partially undressing and holding the milk bottles for 10-20 minutes of pumping. While I usually had access to private nursing areas, sometimes I had to pump in unusual locations.  While in graduate school, I often sought privacy in a rarely-used conference
room near my work space. If the conference room was occupied, I pumped in a single-person bathroom because the lactation room was on the other side of campus and always very busy. I was particularly good at balancing my pump on the sink in the bathroom, but standing and pumping for 20 minutes was
tiring for a sleep-deprived mom.  Despite the hurdles, I pumped until my first child was 13 months old. When I had my second child in 2013, the acrobatics and adventures in pumping increased as my work required more travel.  I learned to pump while sitting on a toilet seat and balancing the pump on my lap. During one busy trip, I pumped in an airplane bathroom.  All the time spent pumping in less than optimal locations made me realize that location does matter.

Not only does location matter, but your time matters too, and not taking enough time to pump can impact your milk supply.  I usually needed to pump three times during my typical work day to supply
enough milk for daycare.  Using the Freemie system, you can pump right at your desk without having to walk to a lactation room.  You are able to keep working and pump at the same time, so you can get the
maximum amount of time you need to collect the most milk.  What about pumping on your way to or from work?  You can pump on the bus or while driving: no one would be aware.  The more opportunities moms have to pump, the more milk they will collect.  Freemie is a game changer and I only wish this was available when I started pumping for my first child.  Unfortunately, Freemie came too late for me (my second child is turning one year old), but I'm thrilled that new moms can use this technology to their benefit.

Kassondra from Motherhood Community, uses the Freemie collection cups and shared a few of her thoughts about them versus other hands-free pumping accessories:

"I had all but given up on pumping before I got my set of Freemie
collection cups. I'd tried several other "helper" items before with no
luck. [I tried a] hands-free pumping bra [that] only barely fit my 46Js and it was so
constricting, and tight, and uncomfortable - I just couldn't handle it. [I also tried] another attachment meant to angle the flanges differently so that I
could lean back [while pumping and it] was a complete waste of money. [With Freemie] I am able to easily
and comfortably pump anywhere! I love that the collection cups are
discreet. Even as a woman with large breasts, I can pump in the car
without drawing too much attention. My friends with average sized
breasts have even walked into stores with their cups in place! There are
far fewer pieces to worry about cleaning and assembling each time so it's
just generally less work to use. I love my Freemie and honestly can't
imagine pumping again without it!"

You can read Kassondra's full, non-sponsored review of the Freemie collection cups on her website. Now that you're all excited about Freemie, let the fun begin!

 Freemie is giving away a double electric breast pump to one lucky reader. Giveaway open to US residents 18 years of age and older.

This giveaway is sponsored by Freemie and co-hosted by Cloth Diaper Guru, Viva Veltoro, and The Parenting Patch.


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