Gaiam Foam Roller - Muscle Therapy

Recently it has been studied and publicized that foam roller therapy can be one of the best things you can do (and one of the easiest) to better your body. Gaiam has a great combo package (foam roller + DVD) that will get you well on your way.

I recently tried the muscle therapy foam roller. This is dense foam. It's not like your average pool noodle! The 18-minute instructional video helped me to understand the intention behind this type of therapy and therefore my posture and use of the roller.

I really like the way the dense foam feels against my muscles but I thought that the DVD was a little hard to replicate since the man instructing has a longer, thinner roller. So positions were rather uncomfortable due to the relative thickness of my roller.

I also was unable to play the DVD in my computer's DVD-Rom player (which also happened to me with Brazil Butt Lift and Insanity, so who knows) but was able to play the disc in my regular home DVD player hooked to the television.

This is very low impact stretching and moving -- a combination of yoga, stretching and some other hybrid relative. Very relaxing and refreshing -- great for a day of rest or the day after a race, I'd say. Originally, I thought this type of exercise was for those who are recovering from surgery (always as your physician) but now I'd highly recommend this to everyone but especially pregnant women!

Now obviously you'd have to modify things, but it's such fluid movement that I could see it being enjoyable with child. (Some positions would NOT be great, but some would be rather nice!) The previews on the Gaiam DVD made me want to try other programs as well! I love the very cleansing and all around good vibes that the company exudes.

The quality of the roller is great and though the DVD leaves a few factors to be desired, it's a nice touch and they wouldn't have to include anything at all for the price! Great deal!

Have you used a foam roller for exercise and recovery?

*Disclosure: Gaiam provided me with the foam roller and dvd set to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.*


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