Get Ya Life Mommy & Me Kit

Have you had a sore shoulder from your kettle bell of a purse? I have! I have also lugged a diaper bag + a purse + a ditty bag with all the 'extras' inside. No more baggage. Get Ya Life kits have a solution for organizing every aspect of your life on the go. Be it travel, being a mom, or going out with the ladies, Get Ya Life kits have got you covered.

The kit that I am showing you here includes one large "mommy" kit and one smaller "me" kit for your kiddo. This is a paired combination -- some of the bigger stuff like coloring pages and the granola bars, etc. are in the mommy kit for organization purposes.

What is included? Everything that can get you through an "ouchie" or a doctor's visit (or any waiting situation) -- it includes things for kid's health and well being and mommy's sanity.

Some of the things you'll find in the kit are: crayons, Cortisone cream, band aids, Tums (something I am always thankful for), safety pins, gum, chap stick, coloring pages, snacks, pain relievers, and of course some mascara! The cool thing is once you get in the routine of having a kit like this -- I call it my "Oh, crap!" kit -- as in "Oh, crap! I forgot..." Now, when that moment strikes, I look in my kit and generally find a solution!

These are great to keep in the car or in your purse -- everything is in ONE spot, well-contained so that you don't have to dump everything out to look for your chap stick or a band aid. They are genius. Get Ya Life kits can be customized at home or if you are ordering, you could work with the owner and creator to get exactly what you need.

You can win your own Get Ya Life Mommy & Me kit! She is a super sponsor for the Under the Rainbow giveaway, going on now! You can also purchase a kit like this one for $46.50 from the Get Ya Life Etsy shop. Make sure to keep up on Facebook and Twitter too! Good luck!

*I was provided a complimentary Get Ya Life Mommy & Me kit for this review. I was not compensated in any other way.*

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