Groovy Baby Action Gear Racing Sleeves ~ Arm Candy For Runners #SpringFitness

The spring thaw has begun -- as an attempt to spring into fitness, I've been searching out and signing up for some races. This has been the ultimate way that I have found to force accountability upon myself! No one wants to be a slug on race day and most times you pay a small entry fee, so it's good incentive to keep those practice runs going!

You know what else is a great incentive? Dressing the part. There are so many 'event' and 'themed' runs now that I daresay you could feel like it's Halloween year around! No one just runs in sweaty gym socks and a t-shirt these days -- why should you?! (Okay...confession...I do still wear the old workout duds shamelessly, but I feel better about myself when I don't look so slovenly!)

The trick? Find great entrepreneurs like Katie of Groovy Baby Action Gear! She crafts, sells and field tests her racing costuming gear. It's just plain fun to look around her Etsy shop but it's also going to be a blast to sport my "Anna" racing arm sleeves from Frozen! I cannot even imagine how many Frozen-themed costumes we'll be seeing in the 'normal' circuits, but if you were to do a Disney Princess run, I'd think that this would complete the "Anna" look like no one's business! Not only are arm sleeves functional they give you that princess appeal -- Cinderella always had her long-sleeved gloves! So, if you're in the market for a Disney Princess Run, you'd better order now!

Awesome features:

Katie doesn't just stock XS and S for the buff and trim. She has L and XL for folks like me that are getting back on the band wagon after a hiatus. There are mediums too, since I notice I skipped right over those. My point is: she's got your size. I ordered the Large size anticipating some weight loss as I run. I'm super happy with the fit. They slide on easy but stay in place. Did I mention the thumb loops? Thumb loops are one of the best things in life as far as I'm concerned!

One reader is going to be able to Spring Into Fitness in style with a pair of green shamrock arm sleeves!

Enter here and make sure to head over to Groovy Baby on Facebook to keep up with the action!

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  1. Those are so cute. I like it because I get too hot when I run wearing a hoodies with sleeves.