HannaMax Baking ~ Cookie Chips

HannahMax Baking = YUMMO!

These things look and taste like a cookie but eat like a chip. That's what the package says. That is unfortunately for my diet very true! But, the good news is that because these delectable cookies are thin and crispy but big in crunch and full of flavor, you can eat a handful and it's only about 100 calories! Talk about a diet-friendly dessert! (The problem for me is they are SO good I want the whole bag!)

I got to try all of the flavors. Yep. All of them. I had to be super careful, because I'm on Nutrisystem and this is clearly off-plan. I was tempted. Over and over. But, the cookie crisps are so light and easy to work off that I didn't see a difference in my weight while field testing these delicious morsels! 

There are: 

- Chocolate Chip
- Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip
- Cinnamon Sugar
- Original
- Salted Peanut Butter

They are all fantastic. If I had a most fave it would be the Chocolate Chip. Least? If I had to. HAD to choose it would be cinnamon sugar -- the flavor is great, but I'm not a huge fan to begin with. That didn't stop me from eating them though!

Confession: I had to go out and buy ANOTHER bag of the Chocolate Chip flavor. I ate them all and hadn't taken any photos. Any excuse for more, right? So, go get some. Walmart is where I was able to find them easiest, but make sure to look in the Organic section AND the cookie section of your local grocery store -- I've seen them in both places!

Here are all five flavors all lined up and ready to be eaten! One reader will win a sampler package of their own, to indulge in each and every kind of Hannah Max Baking yumminess! It's like heaven in cookie form.

*Disclosure: I received complimentary product for this post. No other compensation was received.*


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