Hoo - Rag the Best Bandana and a dozen other things!

I came across Hoo-Rag when I was looking for something similar to the Buff on Survivor. It turns out, I've found exactly that and then some. I love the different patterns and if I were still in high school or collegiate sports I'd be vying for our team to order some special Hoo-Rags for the team.

I love that there is an instructional video about how to use a Hoo-Rag, because until I got use to it, all I could manage was a sort of headband and a bandana look. Or a neck gaiter. So here it is:

Now, I have several other methods for wearing it and a really cool, functional new piece for races! My new favorite has been to use it as a cuff around my wrist and then when my three foot long hair gets too much to handle, use it as a ponytail holder!

This one is a lot like fish scales. I love it. I also love the crazy length of the Hoo - Rag. It's thin and breathable material. There are a ton of prints and customs are available. Find 'em on Facebook.


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