Leafware - Dinnerware that is Environmentally Friendly!

Some folks are environmentally conscious like I try to be. I commend you! If you are looking for a way to still be able to use disposable dishes but do not want to add to the Styrofoam trash this planet has, consider trying Leafware!

Now the very best way to reduce your footprint would be to use a reusable dish and wash it with the least amount of water you can, using phosphate-free soap and drip drying. If you cannot do that, this is a good alternative. Made from fallen leaves, then dried and sterilized to make dinnerware, the dishes can be composted and returned to the earth! What a great process! 

I still don't want anyone throwing their leafware out the window now, as you're cruising down the highway, but at least you can feel better about using 'disposable' dishes.

My only concern was in the silverware. The edges of the forks and spoons were a little abrasive -- I don't think you can actually get a splinter from them, but it would be annoying if all of the silverware had the rough spots. That was my only complaint of the set we got to try out!

They sell a sampler pack (which is what we tried out) for $20. Totally a worthy investment for you to see if this is for you. My whole family didn't get to try this out obviously, since there was only a set for one, but I really liked it. I would have done this for my wedding had I known about it ahead of time. I think it could look really classy for a setting -- especially compared to Styrofoam and plastic plates and silverware!

*Disclosure: I received complimentary leafware to try out for this post. All opinions are my own.*

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  1. What a great idea to use this for a wedding! It would be great for an outdoor reception.