Nancy Drew Games Vol. 2 ~ New Titles!

Any gamers out there? Show of hands! I would have never considered myself a gamer until I stumbled across some Nancy Drew games while shopping one day. I haven't been the same since! I am thrilled to see the selection of games on the Her Interactive site -- the makers and developers of the games. They have some that feature the Hardy Boys too! And, you don't need to have the CD, there are downloads available for purchase too! 

The Secret of Shadow Ranch

I have not yet beat the game, I'm probably only about 1/4 of the way through but I am loving it. Her Interactive has a way of making me truly feel like I'm in the Southwest or at a lake cabin. It can be two in the morning, in the dead of winter (in reality) and I can actually feel like I'm surrounded by desert and sunshine.

Screen shot courtesy of Her Interactive website

I reserve gaming for nap time (when I'm done with my chores) and night time after my husband and kiddo are in bed, so it usually is the dead of night! I really like having this as my MOMMY time though. It's a great escape and I feel confident that something about solving mysteries and sleuthing is a good brain exercise!

Screen shot courtesy of Her Interactive website

Plus, in this one you get to ride horse, collect chicken eggs, and explore the desert. I'm a nerd and sucker for petroglyphs and pictographs (and the game teaches folks the differences between them) so I really liked the scenery in the games' setting. My 4-H club leader would NOT be happy with my performance in the horse quiz though -- however, the ranch hand isn't too hard on ya! 

The Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

No surprise here but I had to go to the community message boards to find an essential piece of gear to complete my missions! I love that bird nerds will adore this game. It's got some fun tasks for Nancy to complete.

Again, Her Interactive has killed it with the graphics. I like that these games have the same "menu" -- when you get to White Wolf of Icicle Creek the menu changes -- neither menu is bad, but I like continuity. It's hard for old gals like me to re-learn! 

Screen shot courtesy of Her Interactive website

I also remembered in this game my hatred of Roman numerals. Sheesh! You'd think I'd be able to learn them after so many years -- but, even after a number of Super Bowls, I still have no idea what one it is until I hear it spoken in numbers. 

I also really like that you're in the forest for much of the game and it's a maze. It takes a bit to get used to as most of the screen (trees and trail) are similar looking. Playing in the dark at night and exploring the labyrinth of forested area at night gave me the willies more than a few times. Hats off folks! Great job building suspense!

Screen shot courtesy of Her Interactive website

I love the learning aspects of the games though.  I sometimes have trouble "advancing" the game -- so I'll have to go through the motions of things to activate and unlock items that I feel like I'm ready for. I think I must skip around a lot and I always play on the Junior level - senior level must be a nightmare! Wow! I love that there is a checklist of things that still need to be done for Nancy. I live by check lists in my own life so having them in the game world is fantastic.

Are you a gamer? Past gamer? Are your kids gamers? These are pretty fun and really quite informative games. I am loving every one -- whats more, the games I didn't think I'd love are turning out to be great. I haven't been disappointed yet! Try one today!

*Disclosure: I received complimentary games to facilitate my reviews. All opinions are my own.*

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  1. My kids are gamers and this sounds PERFECT for my nine year old. Thank you for the article.