Not-So Fat Tuesday with #NSNation!

You can celebrate Fat Tuesday and the Mardi Gras fun just like everyone else -- in a not so fat way! Nutrisystem has a fantastic lunch item that is rather festive and tasty for this time of year!!

Are you a fan of Red Beans and Rice? I totally am. I'm a bean lover, much to my families' dismay! The Red Beans and Rice from the Lunch Options that Nutrisystem offers are delish! Here is a stock photo, courtesy of the Nutrisystem website:

So party hard and eat smart -- Red Beans and Rice will let you be festive but still stay on track! I used a stock photo because I plan to be festive and eat this lunch on Fat Tuesday! There are a few slices of chicken andouille sausage in the packet and you can delight in the fact that it contains only 170 spicy calories!

I think the perfect pairing with this lunch item is to add a sliced cucumber (to help cleanse your palate if you're like me and ketsup is spicy!) For dessert? A few mango chunks! Yum!

You too can indulge while losing weight -- check out what Nutrisystem can do for YOU today!

*I am a Nutrisystem Nation blogger. I receive a complimentary food program for my participation. I am compensated in no other way and all of my opinions are my own.*


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