The Pants Gauge #NSNation

For those of you that have scales that do not eat 2032 batteries that you NEVER have on hand, I am insanely jealous. I bought a Weight Watchers scale and I LOVE it, but it is a total battery pig. So, for a few days I've been using the handy old 'pants gauge.' It's not as precise as the scale, but it keeps me on track. What is it? I wear three pairs of pants (jeans) consistently. If I can wash and dry them on medium heat and not have to force myself into them when they come out, I'm on track. Even better if I can pull them down for a potty break without unbuttoning! Yes, my handy pants gauge saves me in a pickle! ;) Haha!

My results have been slow in this, the last month of Nutrisystem. But, 0.2 DOWN is better than nothing. It's still losing. I'm totally sad that I only have one month left of this adventure, but I can say it really has already changed my life. Here is how:

5. My undies from 'before' could be a top by way most of today's youth standards in covered to exposed skin ratio. Not a good thing.

4. Even on a 'splurge' day where I eat off plan for a supper meal, my mother notes: "I've really noticed how you've cut back on portions compared to before!" (This after I had been feeling guilty about totally cutting loose...)

3. "Mama, why your belly so big?" A quote from my now three year old that makes me keep going, keep trying, and keep losing the weight.

2. Feeling able and willing to PLAY again. With my child, with my pets, with my husband... I smile for no reason sometimes and I love that feeling. The old me is coming back!

1. I no longer have symptoms of Pre-diabetes. I am running again. I am hoping to conceive kiddo #2 in 2014 and have a healthy pregnancy. Things are looking up.

Thanks Nutrisystem!


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